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    Are we seriously getting no live updates at all this year?

    Ok for whatever reason with the increased coverage available 9 still doesn't seem to want to put 2 hour streaming (Uplate) back on TV but I was pretty sure that we'd still have those live updates on the bb site throughout the day/night with video placed on them in between, as well as the updates...
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    Ben coming up on Mornings on 9

    Ben is coming up on Mornings on 9. He's live in the studio too, not some chat to him via satellite or whatever. Other weeks on Mornings on 9 all they really have on Big Brother is a chat to Michael via satellite from last years Bb or some very short pre-recorded interview with the evicted...
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    Looks like Melbourne will see tonight's show first

    Just saw the on the big brother twitter: bbau9: NSW Brotherhood: Due to coverage of the NSW bushfire emergency, tonight's Nominations Show will be on at 7.30pm in Sydney. #BBAU So with daylight savings on already I guess that means Melbourne will be seeing bb before the rest of Australia?
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    Do the housemates have a task for this week?

    I'm thinking over the last few shows I haven't seen them do the weekly task. Is there one? The last one I saw was the one where they're having to line up from most to least and someone in the diary room guesses what they're ranking. Did they even pass that task? I don't understand why tasks...
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    Big brother Facebook page removed?

    Having trouble accessing the official big brother Facebook page. Is it just me? Or what could be going on?
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    Tully = Angie. Jade = Estelle.

    Early in those series people picked Tully as the new Estelle, but I think she has more in common with Angie. They were both quite possessive and would sneak around and talk of others who they thought of as competition. Then Jade as Estelle as they're maybe a bit misunderstood, get made fun of...
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    Ed or Caleb?

    Ok since Caleb left last night and the voting seemed so very close between Ed and Caleb, I'm finding myself wishing that if only Caleb had got a bit more votes or Ed got less. Anyone else wish Caleb stayed and Ed left? Just I can imagine more fun in the house with Caleb, instead of Ed.
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    Bradley doing promos for go/superman

    Have been watching 9's other channel 'go!' today and they're got promos about some superman movies being aired on the channel coming up. The difference with this is that they've got Bradley dressed up in a superman suit talking about them and promoting the night. Thought this is interesting...
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    Sarah coming up on Mornings on 9

    If you want to find out how old Sarah is or just see what she has to say on TV after being evicted, they just said she's coming up next on Mornings.