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  1. Jessica-jade12

    Skye & Travis

    Hey, Just wanted to say has anyone noticed how cute their friendship is! At the end of tonights episode with the handshake - I wish we had seen more of them together previously. They play of each other really well!! :) M
  2. Jessica-jade12

    Percentages from week 1-8

    Hey, I was just curious if anyone knows what the percentages each week were until they stopped showing them.. Might give us some insight into this week! Xoxoxo
  3. Jessica-jade12

    Will you be voting in the last two weeks?!

    Just curious to see if all the vocal people on here will actually vote....
  4. Jessica-jade12

    Really disappointed

    Lately, I have been reading so many vile posts regarding Skye! I understand that she isnt everyone's cup of tea, but I just don't understand your hatred towards someone you don't know? Let me ask you this? Why is it so bad for someone to say they are going to win? You all seem to think its...
  5. Jessica-jade12

    Ryan: What does he actually bring to the show?

    I know a lot of people on here are fans, but I would like to know why? What does he bring to the the show, besides people thinking he is hot? My opinon: I think, he is boring and does bring enough content for the show, he might be nice and all the housemates want him to win, but I think he...
  6. Jessica-jade12


    I would love to see two girls in the finale! Do you think it's possible for SKYE and PYRIA to be final Two? I think they are a good pair!!!
  7. Jessica-jade12

    David's Strategy Talk??

    WOW! He really went into it don't you think? What was everyones thoughts on his analysis ? GO!
  8. Jessica-jade12

    Drew/Tully & Jade/Ed Follw up

    Guys I was over the other thread with all it's trolling! Can we please keep this thread solely for posting PICTURES AND UPDATES Nothing else! Who agrees?
  9. Jessica-jade12

    Hoodrats Drew & Timmy

    I thought it would be cool of we has a thread for the bromance and we can keep up with what they are doing :) They are off to Bondi to the beach
  10. Jessica-jade12

    Link for tonight's show?

    Hi Everyone! I missed tonight, and can't find any links? Help a sister out! Thanks :)
  11. Jessica-jade12

    Melbourne Royal Show

    Hey Guys, As everyone knows the evicted housemates are doing a Q & A at the show. If anything interesting happens and you went, please share :) Thanks