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    Ryan appreciation thread

    He doesn't even look lovestruck?
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    Skye does not tag Ryan in Instagram pictures?

    Coz he doesn't follow her and she doesn't want to seem keen I guess lmao.
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    Lasting friendships?

    Katie has just moved to Bondi which happens to be very conveniently close to Ryan who is in Rose Bay. David and Leo will be biffles until everyone else finds out what Leo whispered to him.
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    Best & Worst Dressed On The Finale?

    I agree that Lisa looked beautiful apart from her dress, she should've just worn her after party dress to the show. Katie looked way too fake for me, she was much prettier on the show when she looked more natural.
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    Post all after party gossip / pics / captions in here!

    It's a shame because she's actually really pretty, but she's just way too up herself. @pawlini haha sorry sorry, will shut up now!
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    Post all after party gossip / pics / captions in here!

    @mocheeks They were close, but when he kissed her she ran off to Lisa and was acting like she was too good for him.. or maybe that's just how I remember it haha no BB couple beats Trasha though! @natalia Most of the housemates were rallying support for him though hahaha @Peta Her constant...
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    Ryan appreciation thread

    @Bae I love his personality too, but just the fact that he would be close with someone like Katie throughout the show would've been enough for me to completely turn off him. I guess it doesn't matter now, the main thing is he won and is 200k richer! @Estelle.Landy Are you agreeing with my post...
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    Post all after party gossip / pics / captions in here!

    Funny how when Ryan kissed Katie in the spa she was like ew no, now that he has 200k she is much more keen.
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    2014 Media Articles Thread

    'There could be a new couple on the horizon!' Travis spills the beans on Ryan's relationship with busty brunette Katie as they're caught cuddling up at BB after party. Read more...
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    Ryan appreciation thread Just out of curiosity, if Katie had stayed longer and got with Ryan and they were all over each other like Trasha, would you all have still voted for...
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    Was Ryan winning the ultimate proof this was a bad season?

    Easy win for Ryan, he didn't even have to try to be entertaining all he had to do was stay single lol.
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    Best & Worst Dressed On The Finale?

    Best: Aisha and Lina and all the boys except Jake lol Worst: Lisa and Katie
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    Post all after party gossip / pics / captions in here! Lmao if Ryan and Katie were together on the show, he would've had NO CHANCE of winning. Ugh Katie. #sorrynotsorry