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    Big brother 2006

    There was still 2 intruders left in the game at that stage. I’d like to think those intruders would have been evicted before John & Ashley. So I guess they would have lasted another couple of weeks (if they didn’t get removed)
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    Big brother 2006

    Question about the 2006 series, I know it was 15 years ago but my two favourite housemates got removed from the house (Ashley & John) I’m just wondering how far these guys would have made it in the series if they didn’t get removed? They already made it to day 70 so I’m wondering if they could...
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    Big Brother Australia 2022 - Back To The Future - Promos, Trailers & Spoilers

    I don’t post here much, but I’d love to see Merlin AND Paul put into the Big Brother House. I remember the argument they had in 2004, it was hectic.