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  1. pornstache


    a guy I used to sleep with told me he was going to be on the new season of amazing race, looking at that photo I can see him clearly and now know he wasn't lying haha... can't wait to see how he's perceived.
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    Episode Australian Survivor (2016) - Episode 14 Discussion

    Back from the grave to say that in the last 2/3 episodes the producers have managed to turn an absolutely brilliant series to a crock of shit. The "hand pick your team" idea was an incredibly stupid decision although provided great gameplay amongst some of Vavau If one more person talks about...
  3. pornstache

    2016 Celebrity Predictions

    Got told by a friend with "credible sources" that the comedian will be Arj Barker, checking out his tour dates seems to confirm it. Unless he's planning on living at the Arts Theatre in Adelaide for a month.
  4. pornstache

    Survivor Australia 2016!

    There is a video of them doing the "practice run" for the upcoming challenge for the next Survivor episode, and Rove competes in it and wins. Think that is telling of his potential to host the show
  5. pornstache

    Celebrity Big Brother UK - late Aug 2015

    As much as I dislike Farrah - she's bring soo much drama its great. Watch her go home first hahaha.
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    "Big Brother" UK: Timebomb

    They were tho..
  7. pornstache

    "Big Brother" UK: Timebomb

    Marc and Harry - as much as I hate Marc it's hard to admit he didn't turn the house up on it's head
  8. pornstache

    "Big Brother" UK: Timebomb

    I just watched the BOTS with Sam and Harry - I love these two!!
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    "Big Brother" UK: Timebomb

    The ugliest clothing item known to man - all the people that wear fedora's think they look classy
  10. pornstache

    "Big Brother" UK: Timebomb

    I think they're pushing for a Jack win - his spray tan scene actually made me proper laugh Don't want Danny to win but still not to sure who I want to win yet...
  11. pornstache

    "Big Brother" UK: Timebomb

    I'm just trying to figure out what any of the finalists did to deserve to be in the final??
  12. pornstache

    "Big Brother" UK: Timebomb

    They feel sorry for him..
  13. pornstache

    "Big Brother" UK: Timebomb

    THIS and Adjoa being evicted still really urks me?! The original housemates had some great potential, but they kept evicting the interesting ones!!
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    "Big Brother" UK: Timebomb

    What a boring house this will be!
  15. pornstache

    "Big Brother" UK: Timebomb

    I finally realised who Joel reminds me of....
  16. pornstache

    What Big Brother 2012 could have looked like + unheard of housemate!

    Also, looks like Anthony was replaced by Ray
  17. pornstache

    Are SJWs disgusting?

    Uhm I feel very oppressed by this, check your privilege...
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    PSA: I'm Touring Your Shit Country Next Year

    Will there be CAPES?
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    "Big Brother" UK: Timebomb

    If I was in Chloe's position I would have taken the 5k - It wasn't getting taken out of the prize fund so her actions are justified and she hasn't gone back on her word. Harry brought up a good point that the only reason Danny is pissed is because he himself didn't get to do it. I reckon main...