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  1. fancypants

    Does David respect women? I'm thinking he's a bit of a pig to be honest. If a woman in the house went around bragging about bedding 75 men, she would be considered "used...
  2. fancypants

    Imagine if Penny won...

    Her face. It would be the funniest thing to watch. Ryan & Skye especially would be SEETHING. I think I would die from laughter. Oh please, I so just want this to happen.
  3. fancypants

    Watching old BB seasons: Then VS Now

    I've been watching a few older episodes and I realised how differently I view the series versus how I see it now. Which I understand is common sense, but I underestimated how significant this difference would from my perspective. For example: Back in 2004-2008 when I was around 11-15 years old...