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    Big Brother Australia 2022 - Back To The Future - Pre-season build up

    I'm trying to watch from the UK, have the 7plus app and ipvanish but it's saying technical error when I try to watch channel 7 live. Is there any other way was hoping to watch it as it airs
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    Big Brother Australia 2022 - Back To The Future - Promos, Trailers & Spoilers

    I noticed big brother famosos 4 (portugal) is using the Australian logos and the house/ garden are quite similar. I think the format is still the old one tho
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    Big Brother Merchandise and Memorabilia

    I have that uncut dvd and a official vhs of season 1 edited into 2 hours. Live in the UK so had them imported in 2003ish
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    International Viewers

    Wow I used to download the original ten series from MIRC, haven't thought about that in years
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    Voice of Big brother 2020

    I always assumed that the big brother voice was added after in the previous versions as it was always the same voice. In the UK version there's multiple voices per series.