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    Katie's Weight Loss

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    Martin Place evacuated, hostages held at Lindt Cafe

    We pray for the hostages and their families. You can watch the 7News livestream @ NZ can watch @
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    What has been your favourite BB House?

    What has been your favourite? Personally, I could live in the 2004 house. Nowadays, Big Brother Australia houses have turned into a holiday destination. I loved back in TEN days, when the walls were painted in strange colour palletes, when there was a big yard, when there was a farm, when there...
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    BB: then and now

    Big Brother Australia started 13 years ago!! Since then the brotherhood has grown as well as ever-changing trends in the format and housemates. Why do you think BB has grown into a world of bitches, liars, and gym junkies? #behindbb
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    What has been your greatest BBAU letdown?

    Merlin's protest, Bree's return... What has been the biggest letdown for BB? There is so many, what is yours? #bbauletdown