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  1. eye

    Limit Big Brother Diary Room entries.

    Personally I'm sick of the diary room sessions being used as a tool by the housemates. I'd rather they get out there and deal with shit with the other housemates. I'd prefer they limit diary room sessions with BB to once a week or a reasonable number with respect to broadcast schedule. As...
  2. eye

    Big Brother "New Era"

    The current ads for the 4 new housemates on Monday has this statement: NEW ERA Is this just advertising hyperbole? Or are they completely breaking the mould? What are they getting at?
  3. eye

    Aisha the tiddly one night stander - yuck!

    Aisha admitted to being a scrag in the past. She said it (drunk fucking one nighter) is sort of ok on the outside (she's obviously lived it) because you can get away but in the BB house it's just yuck?? She jumped on the fucking Jason bandwagon of diary room point scoring / back stabbing...
  4. eye

    Clawhoreson will be offered $50k next week to self evict.

    Well they self destructed for free, but I think next weeks attempt to spend the prize money will be $50k (or more) offered to the pair to get the fuck out with something other than lustful nothings spoken to each other with genitals engorged and cerebrums boozed up.
  5. eye

    Prediction: Cat will pounce on Leo

    After last nights gym scene I got the feeling that Cat would have preferred Leo as a consort. Age wise it's way more fitting and more likely to be a marriage play. But I think her insecurity / inferiority feelings - believing him to be out of reach may stop her from overtly acting on this in...
  6. eye

    Is Ben a good gay role model?

    I've read both points of view. That he is, and that he isn't. I've only got one thing to say about it, and that is that if a gay man is to win BB and I'm sure it will happen one day, is that that person shows a broad tolerance to the whole spectrum of the human condition. That they...
  7. eye

    Estelle converts Michael

    On so many levels. I loved watching Michael turn into a blathering puppy... bla bla bla bewtifil bla bl bla best bla bla....... Estelle mesmerised a hater and turned him into putty in her hand. I honestly believed Michael was at the minimum bisexual with a strong leaning to males and...
  8. eye

    Layla the next to go

    OK so we saw Stacey the Cnut and her shitty outside the house behaviour tonight. Anyone who backed her must be seriously questioning how disgusting she was. Glad she's out. Now the next to go has to be Layla. Surely we haven't forgotten her shit... Stirred the pot like a little girl with...
  9. eye

    Best OS article clips...

    Post your favourite writings from the OS relevant to the current house situation and your opinions on it for discussions... One I found: Or, maybe, this is A-grade strategy at play? With no real way to gauge their popularity in the outside world, does Estelle’s Eviction invincibility...
  10. eye

    Michael's courtship talk...

    I found Michael's courtship talk with Estelle so dumb..... "Imagine if you were on the dark side on the moon,” Michael said. “The line where it would happen would be one of the most surreal things.” Umm.. Michael, that shadow of which you speak happens on the earth all the time. It's...
  11. eye

    Layla Subritzky related to charismatic religion?

    I found some interesting information on this unusual Polish surname in New Zealand. Layla's dad was wearing a kiwi fern hat... Are they related to this charismatic religious crackpot? Bill Subritzky From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wilfred Allen...
  12. eye

    Will Ben be booed when evicted?

    Thoughts on this? Does he deserve to be booed?
  13. eye

    Housemates missed an opportunity.

    BB gave some instructions yesterday but the housemates didn't really think of the nuances and missed out an opportunity to hug and talk to their own loved ones.. Reason? The instructions were to ignore UNWELCOME guests. The loved ones are hardly unwelcome in my book so I would have...
  14. eye

    Stacey's deal with Grant

    I think Grant kind of gave away their deal. He said $200k to her and $50k to him if she wins. It's an arrangement she's put into place prior to going in. When she went in Stacey slipped up and said she was single. It proves that it's all a sham.
  15. eye

    Michael for the win.

    Well after considering all the options/ 1. Ben - way too bitchy, emotional, two faced for me to like him. 2. Zoe - no entertainment for me at all. 3. Sam - seriously lost me with the Layla link up. Can't win against her and owes his remaining time to her. Over him completely. 4...
  16. eye

    Layla will be gone Sunday week.

    After this week is finished, even if Sam stays and Angie goes.... One of the in crowd will join The two remaining outcasts in the nominated ones. I think that person will be Layla. I think it will be because she won the car and the players will feel she's won enough. She will be...
  17. eye

    Angie breaks through.

    I think all 3 who are up this week, Sam, Estelle and Angie were honest and sincere in their nominations. And though I have fluctuated between liking and not, all the housemates at various times I have to say I did admire Angie's willingness to break out last night and be way more honest than...
  18. eye

    Michael's arse crack appreciation thread.

    I think a thread devoted to discussion of the most loveable Michael and his perpetually visible arse crack. His arse crack probably accounts for 50% of his unique personality in the house. Did everyone notice that Michael is VERY aware of this... In the little faux romance piece with...
  19. eye

    Was Zoe really remorseful over Michael being up?

    In a diary room entry Zoe expressed a remorse about Michael actually being up. That's the whole irony of Estelle's superpower. All those who see Estelle as vindictive should see that she only gave 2 measly points to him and if it wasn't for the other 2 votes against him Michael would be...
  20. eye

    Michael, the Tim Minchin lookalike?

    Tonight I just saw when he got the eyeliner thing going.... Am I right or what?