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  1. Aiden

    Sam Wallace from BB 2012 shot multiple times - recovering in hospital
  2. Aiden

    Best Part About This Series....

    My best memories of Big Ami Pur was the design of the KFC house. Especially the appliances on-line room where they washed and ironed. I also really dug all the housemates all being given the same name during the KFC cricket challenge last night with it written on their shirts front and back -...
  3. Aiden

    The Stupid Housemate Dancing At Evictons

    Was having Lawson do the 'Law-swing' at the end of his eviction really appropriate? He'd sat there being grilled by Sonia, acting all uncomfortable and remorseful and then suddenly starts dancing as Sonia is signing off? I'm assuming he was instructed to by Sonia or producers but it's irritating...
  4. Aiden

    There's a Snake In The House?

    Is this like the 'only seen for 10 seconds' art room? Where the hell did the snake come from?
  5. Aiden

    Geeks Vs Cheerleaders and Jocks

    Firstly Lisa is TWENTY NINE YEARS OLD, but mentally has obviously never left school. Secondly - I can't stand when the geeks vs cool kids thing gets wheeled out. Jaime from BB06, Emma from BB07, now Lisa from the current one. I'm just venting but GRRRR
  6. Aiden

    The Ghost Of Gemma Haunts the House

    The ghost of Gemma? This is the group hug after Kat goes into the bedroom to cry last night (which is supposedly the next day after the eviction).
  7. Aiden

    What IS the game exactly?

    I’ve been quite bothered by this since they amped up the “Game” aspect of the show when Ch9 took over it. What is the ‘game’ exactly – not being nominated? Not being evicted? If that’s the case the show is about putting on a false persona and tricking your way to the end. Which totally goes...