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  1. rachael92

    Who had your support last year and this year?

    Which housemates did you like/support last year and who are you backing this year? I feel like i support the HMs that others might think of as the 'boring' ones, but I think I just really dont enjoy the loudmouths or confrontational people as much as most people on here do. So, 2013: Jade...
  2. rachael92

    The money question..

    What's your opinion on this?
  3. rachael92

    Would you have taken the money?/ reasons

    Creating this because I'm bored without live updates.
  4. rachael92

    Game of Thrones *may include spoilers*

    Went back a few pages and I couldn't see a GOT thread. Any other addicts here? I have recently gotten some work friends and my mum addicted too. I'm working my way through the books :)
  5. rachael92


    I have been re-watching some episodes of Charmed lately (again). It's such a great show that I watched from a very young age! Any other fans here? Care to discuss? :)
  6. rachael92

    All 3 Housemates are deserving of the Win

    I don't have an issue with people saying they like or dislike certain housemates, that's fine. However If you think only 1 of them is 'deserving' of the win then that's taking it a bit too far. The fact that all 3 of them have made it to that spot show that they have dedicated fans, and they...
  7. rachael92

    Potential issue with Wed. eviction & Thurs. noms

    It's great that evictions will happen on Wednesdays as this gives us some footage on monday & tuesday to influence voting, however... If the housemates nominate on thursday, will there still be showdown/nominations save the day after? If that happens, it will happen on friday and we won't get...
  8. rachael92

    Housemate Question & Answer game

    A fun game that I remember from another forum I was a part of :) It's simple - Post a question related to the show or the housemates for the next poster to answer. It could be about present HMs or past ones. My question is: Who is the most likely to crack?
  9. rachael92

    HM attractiveness, (personality + looks)

    Just a bit of fun, rank the male and female housemates separately or together in terms of attractiveness (with personality and looks combined). Males Drew Matthew Tim Ed Ben Females Lucy Jade Tahan Mikkayla Katie Tully Both Lucy Drew Jade Tahan Mikkayla Matthew Tim...
  10. rachael92

    Predict the order of evicted Housemates

    Judging by current house events and housemate popularity, which order do you predict the housemates will be evicted in? At the moment I'm thinking: Heidi Tully Matthew Tahan Drew Ed Sisters Jade Mikkayla Ben Tim (Winner) That is, if those people are nominated!
  11. rachael92

    Jade - A flirty Bree Amer?

    I am only just seeing it - does anyone else see this comparison? I can't put my finger on it, but she just reminds me of her.
  12. rachael92

    Australia's got Talent repeat instead of BB??

    On Saturday night there was a repeat of Australia's got Talent on, instead of having a daily show for BB? Like what is that about? They can't keep showing 3 days' worth of footage in one night, it's just ridiculous.
  13. rachael92

    Your ideal top six?

    Who would you like the last 6 HM's to be? Mine would be: Drew Tim Jade Caleb Katie & Lucy and I'm undecided on the 6th - Ed/Heidi/Mikkayla Let's just say I'm well aware that Jade in the top 6 is probably very unlikely
  14. rachael92

    Dreamworld's new attraction & the HM's

    This is purely speculative, but has anyone else seen the video for Dreamworld's new attraction, Evilution? As it's not classified as a 'ride', and after watching that video I'm beginning to think it may be a sort of walk-through with actors playing zombie-like creatures. It looks freaky and I...
  15. rachael92

    Positive opinion thread

    This is a thread for positivity only! Comment on any housemates you like, don't mention anything about ones you dislike. Hopefully reading good things about a variety of different housemates in one thread will make us smile :)
  16. rachael92

    Tully - maybe things will change now?

    Tully has been annoying me constantly from week 1 but also has shown some good moments. It's like her emotional mood swings and negativity have all stemmed from the halfway house or had something to do with the divide and now that it's gone, I feel like I might start to like her a bit more...