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    Big Brother UK 16 - Starts in early May of 2015?

    Acoording to Big Blagger:
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    Big Brother China
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    David Appreciation Thread

    31 year old radiographer from Sydney who looks like Damien Sandow.
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    Game Predict the evicteé and the percentage

    Predict the evicteé and his/hers percentage of the total votes (to save/to evict) received on an eviction vote. Those who predict correctly receive points. The one with the most points at the end of the series will win the contest. 1. Evicteé prediction You predict the housemate/housemates you...
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    Question on about this weeks nominations.

    Are Boog and Madaline fair game this week? Meaning can they be nominated? Should they be? What does everyone think?
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    Big Brother Australia 2013 - Betting odds thread

    Post and discuss betting odds regarding BB Australia 2013 here. -------- Outright Winner Ben 3.00 Ed 5.00 Matthew 8.00 Caleb 9.00 Xavier 9.00 Heidi 15.00 Tim 15.00 Katie & Lucy 19.00 Drew 19.00 Tully 21.00 Any Other (Not Listed)* 21.00 Jade 21.00 Rohan 34.00 Jasmin...
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    Predict the housemates ind. nominations (COMP.)

    Predict the individual nominations of the housemates of BB Australia 2013 on this topic. If you predict correctly you get points. Predict on who the housemates nominate individually. If you predicted both HM names correct, you get 20 points. If you predicted one HM name correct, you get 10...
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    BB Australia 2013 HM Popularity Tracker

    Rules: 1. Add 1 point to two housemates of your choice 2. Deduct 1 point from two housemates of your choice 3. Implicate who you voted for ex: Tully +1, Tim -1. 4. Remember to copy the post above you and then vote. Vote only once every 24 hours. Example: Voter 1: HM1 +1 HM2 +1 HM3 -1 HM4...
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    BBAUS 2013 - Daily Housemate Rankings

    Rank the housemates daily on this topic from your favourite to your least favourite.
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    CBB 11 - House thread (pics!!!)
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    Housemate Quotes Thread

    This thread is for your favourite quotes and sayings from the BB9 housemates for you to post and share.
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    BBUSA 14 - Spoilers/Live feed thread (SPOILERS)

    Discussion on about the events happening in the BBUSA house regarding HoH´s, nominees, POV´s, Coaches comp and etc...
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    BBUSA 14 - Episode discussion thread

    Discussion on about the episodes of BB USA 14.
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    BBUSA 14 - Contestant removed/expelled (SPOILERS)

    News stories: