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    If you were a Housemate - Where would your life go, post show?

    Here's a few ideas I thought of in the shower: 1. Find a worthy charitable cause you're interested in helping and work as the public face for it. A lot of time commitment and not much financial compensation. 2. Create a game show course -online or real life to teach candidates on what to...
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    If you were a Housemate - Where would your life go, post show?

    Great question. I've wondered about being in the house but reality always wins out when I realise that I'd lose money even if I won the $250,000 "prize". If BB had stayed at a $1,000,000 prize like it was to start with I would have considered trying out but $250k even tax free wouldn't make...
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    So it's a trend -Estelle drops in -

    Most of us can only imagine how it must be to live in the house. Estelle your fortitude that year showed that great Australian spirit of keeping on. While most housemates just end up going back to being anonymous nobodies your genuineness will live on in our hearts. It's hard to describe how...
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    Limit Big Brother Diary Room entries.

    Personally I'm sick of the diary room sessions being used as a tool by the housemates. I'd rather they get out there and deal with shit with the other housemates. I'd prefer they limit diary room sessions with BB to once a week or a reasonable number with respect to broadcast schedule. As...
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    "Aisha only dates famous NRL players"

    And NRL players don't bore you with conversation. They can barely string a few coherent words together. "Yeah mate" "Y'know" "Ummm" Watch an interview with one and you'll see.
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    I'm worried that Lawson will win

    If anything Lawson has risked more and given more of himself than the formulaic showmancers Travis or Aisha. He's performed magic tricks, he's cried, he's loved, he's been torn on national tv whether real or not - I mean people covet awards for good acting. He's an ideal winner imo.
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    I'm worried that Lawson will win

    Why would anyone worry or care? If Lawson wins, he wins. How does that fact affect you or most people materially?
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    Big Brother "New Era"

    The current ads for the 4 new housemates on Monday has this statement: NEW ERA Is this just advertising hyperbole? Or are they completely breaking the mould? What are they getting at?
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    I don't think either is "guilty" whatever that means. We set up all these rules to protect ourselves seemingly, but in the end we're flesh ruled by instinct, hormones and deep desires to be wanted and loved. The security of a close other. I think they have chosen a path, one filled with...
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    Aisha Was Great Tonight

    "Aisha was great tonight!" The most said sentence by Sydney NRL players ;)
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    Aisha Was Great Tonight

    Could have, but when there's a pussy in heat pulsing pheromones out like a beacon.... I'm surprised he stopped at eating her out. I swear I would have fucked her every hole. If you're going to cross the line you may as well go all the way.
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    Lawesome :)
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    Priya Appreciation Society

    I I follow...... I follow you.... deep sea baby.
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    Cat the seductress...

    Losers booed Estelle too in 2012...
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    Cat the seductress...

    David Graham was booed audibly at his eviction if I remember correctly. Gretel scowled at the audience.
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    Aisha the tiddly one night stander - yuck!

    Her words seemed to say that all one nighters were boozy mistakes. She was generalising her own behaviour and feelings to a situation completely unlike it. Clearly Lawson and Cat did not have a one nighter since they built up to it and mistake or not they are playing out a novel situation on...
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    David Appreciation Thread

    David to win. No question left in my mind at all.
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    Travis Appreciation Thread

    The Travis appreciation thread lol. No one appreciates Travis more than he does himself! His line at the end of today's episode was GOLD!! " I can't believe anyone in this house hates me! " Lol. What a shock it must be for someone so in love with themselves that they interpret being up as...
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    Cat the seductress...

    I actually like Cat tbh. I see zero problem with her being older. I think that Candice is not her problem. Lawson has 3 years of knowledge about his girlfriend. He's the expert and no one can really question his judgement on how he acted. If he publicly broke it off then he broke it off...
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    Aisha Was Great Tonight

    I think they said that Aisha whored in Sydney's top night clubs and dated NRL players exclusively - and that she doesn't really want Travis.