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  1. TaffyZ

    Photoshops please!

    Hi! I am trying to find some funny photoshops for my friends! Any 2013 or 2014 ones are what I am looking for. If you could get as many as you can, oh and get some of Sandra (They hate her) Thank you I am so grateful!
  2. TaffyZ

    For those of you who want a laugh. I can not get over the one with Skye Or the Penny one
  3. TaffyZ

    Did Big Brother confirm Big Brother 2015?

    In Abbey's nomination BB asked her to come back for next year. I know that it is very unlikely but you never know! BB could come back for next year.
  4. TaffyZ

    I saw Bushan!

    Today I went to where Bushan worked and I saw him. I talked to him and we talked about Big Brother. I told him that I spread the word about Priya and how all my friends are voting for her (I force them :P) I should have taken a pic. Oh well! I am sure we'll meet again soon. @MrPRiSuS @MADONNA
  5. TaffyZ

    I feel really bad for Cat

    I am sick and tired of people blaming poor Cat for what she has done. Yes I know that she has done wrong but she is human to. But also I think that she has not done much wrong compared to Lawson. I know I have said this so many times but I just feel so sad for poor Cat. I just want to open...
  6. TaffyZ

    Let's just hope that us Pristians have voted enough!

    Let's all just hope and pray that Priya is safe tonight! I can not stand to see her get evicted. I just can't... Someone please tell me that you voted so many times. Just give me some relief. Please.
  7. TaffyZ

    Who are you going to save?

    It's that time again! Tonight is eviction night and who would you like to save?
  8. TaffyZ

    4 New Housmates Swapped with 4 Original!

    Channel 9 just aired an ad that said that Ryan will have to swap 4 of the original housemates with 4 of the new housemates! OMG PLEASE NO PRISUS!
  9. TaffyZ

    How many times did you vote to save Priya?

    If your number of votes is not as a poll choice please state how many times you voted! @MADONNA
  10. TaffyZ


    ALL PRISUS FANS. WE CAN NOT LET OUR PRECIOUS BE EVICTED. This week Priya is against two popular housemates. We can NOT think that others will vote to save Priya because we must take it upon ourselves! Prisus' ambassador will vouch! Spread the word @MADONNA
  11. TaffyZ

    So who is everyone actually wanting to save?

    Who do you want to save?
  12. TaffyZ

    Apparently Jade and Ed had sex?

    Did Jade and Ed have sex last year? Is there proof? Also what about Cat and Lawson people have been saying that they had sex, is it true?
  13. TaffyZ

    Who is the Head Of House this week?

    When Lawson was in the diary room i saw the banner show up saying something about the Head of House being voted, I never saw who the head of house actually was anyone have an idea?
  14. TaffyZ

    Travis disqualified?

    Apparently Travis was disqualified from Big Brother! I don't know the source of this rumor but I hope it is not true because in my opinion Travis is starting to not be annoying anymore! Please tell me whether it's true or not!