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  1. dexnerxc


    I'm sick of seeing distorted faces everywhere I go lol. What do you think of selfies?
  2. dexnerxc

    An Undeserving Evictee

    Out of all the evictees this year, which one should still be in the house, in your opinion?
  3. dexnerxc

    @BBAU9 Sending Tweets About Travis Leaving

    So far they've sent two tweets with photos saying 'it's time to go Travis?' and 'bye bye to Trasha?' Why don't they send tweets about all the nominated housemates, not just them..?
  4. dexnerxc

    Mikkayla or Tahan?

    I know these two were arch enemies last year, so I'd like to know your opinions as I joined this year. If you like, you can explain why :thumbsup: