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  1. Nan_Taylor

    “You smell like a pencil!”

    Hello darlins’ So I was talking to my grandson about past romances in BB Australia. He was talking all about the Jamie/Katie relationship in 2005. I’m not sure whether or not to believe him but my grandson told me, and swears black and blue, that in one of the episodes Katie straight up tells...
  2. Nan_Taylor

    BBAU 2020 - Episode 15.1 Made Up Show Discussion (12 July)

    Well then, sweethearts. Since we don't have an episode to watch tonight, I thought it might be fun if we commented on the stuff we make up for tonight's episode. Feel free to add to it, darlins. Who knows, we may end up making something better than the bullshit being dished out by the real...
  3. Nan_Taylor

    60 seconds... (task idea and audience participation).

    If you were allowed to go into the house (for a task) but only for a mere 60 seconds... what would you do? Upon entry I would just totter in, exhaling loudly... Hup! Then I would personally hug both Sarah and Sophie (a girl to win please) but whisper to both of them that they could do better...
  4. Nan_Taylor


    Hello sweethearts, Nan’s back for real. My grandson helped me find my password again. He’s a good boy. He’s just finished university but he hasn’t a job yet. I’m parked on my couch most days but I’m ready for the shit show to continue. I don’t think I’ve posted on here since Skype got...
  5. Nan_Taylor

    What would BBAU look like if...?

    Ello sweethearts, If there was no set storyline the housemates followed (if any at all), What do you think the episodes would look like? Hup! I think with some housemates it would look like the first 40 seconds of this video (considering the amount of depth in this years talent pool) Hup!
  6. Nan_Taylor

    What would you do...?

    If you were allowed to go into the house (for a task) but only for a mere 60 seconds? I would march in there and show every guy in there my new favourite emasculating product (see picture attached). And as I take my leave I'd say something like "Big Brother 2014... What a load of old shit!" Hup!
  7. Nan_Taylor

    Favourite 1st Evictee

    Hello darlin's, Thought it might be interesting to see which BBAU 1st evictee is the most popular. I'm aware some of them aren't all that memorable but let's see how it goes. Hup! 2001 - Andy 2002 - Damien 2003 - Irena 2004 - Aphrodite 2005 - Angela (official evictee/not disqualified) 2006 -...
  8. Nan_Taylor


    Good afternoon darlin's, Now. A lot of people have been asking me the same question lately. I feel it should be my duty to put everybody's curiosity to rest. The question; 'What does Hup mean?' I found a video of me on YouTube playing Deal or No Deal. I hope this will be explanation enough...
  9. Nan_Taylor

    Promo = Eviction?

    Morning lovelies, It has come to my attention that both Gemma and Dion were housemates that had promos before the BBA14 season started. Now they have been evicted. 5 housemate promos were released... Who were they again? Wouldn't it be a coincidence if the other promo housemates left too...
  10. Nan_Taylor

    Nans Prediction #1 (Perfect Pairs Task)

    This weeks task is called 'perfect pairs.' Two new housemates are coming in tonight and will automatically be a pair. Hup! What's the bet the new pair will be identical twins? I know the twins thing has been done before but it all lines up so well.
  11. Nan_Taylor

    Game Big Brother 2014 Housemate Popularity Tracker

    Rules: 1. Add 1 point to two housemates of your choice 2. Deduct 1 point from two housemates of your choice 3. Implicate who you voted for ex: Tully +1, Tim -1. 4. Remember to copy the post above you and then vote. Vote only once every 24 hours. Example: Voter 1: HM1 +1 HM2 +1 HM3 -1 HM4...
  12. Nan_Taylor

    Housemate poll?

    Is there going to be a housemate popularity poll like last years (add two points to your favourites and deduct two points from your least favourites once every 24 hours)? I thought that was kinda fun. If anyone can direct me to it... :D
  13. Nan_Taylor

    Victory Speech Predictions

    What do you think the victory speech of each housemate will be? Benjamin's was very interesting last year; "I'm richer than you, and you, and you, but not as rich as you." Followed by "Will you marry me?" On this thread you can be as imaginative and funny as you like. I'll start. Jade or...
  14. Nan_Taylor

    A curse?

    It's just come to my attention that every housemate who has been evicted so far had nominated Tully the week before their eviction. I know it's too early to determine this, but wouldn't that be so weird? What are your thoughts on curses? Happy coincidences? Etc...
  15. Nan_Taylor

    Splitting your votes is kinda stupid.

    People are splitting their votes to save everyone but Tully. Didn't anyone learn last year when it was Benjamin Estelle and Stacey up? The Ben/Stacey fans split their votes to try and evict Estelle but she got a record amount of save votes. I've had testimonies from people who were livid when...
  16. Nan_Taylor

    MattXCaleb shipping thread (Rated M)

    Oh the possibilities. Starting this thread to see if anyone shares this common interest. Does this pairing cause anyone else's loins to start throbbing?
  17. Nan_Taylor

    Jade and Drew *spoilers*

    According to the live feed, Drade has just been exposed by BB? Not a lot of info has been divulged on this but how do you think the other HMS will react? Who do you think will be most effected by this?