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    The end is near, so the question is, would live updates have REALLY saved the show?

    Everyone complained at the start that without any daily live updates or having 6 days a week tv show, would have ruined this season. Now that it is the end, looking back at all the housemates, tasks events in general. Would this show be great with it or not? would it make a difference on how...
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    Who do you NOT want to win?

    and do you think they have a chance?
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    Skye VS Layla

    Estelle Landy ‏@Stellvadore Hard to believe #SkyeBBAU headed a hate campaign against Layla. Isn't it? Estelle Landy ‏@Stellvadore 4h @TeamSkye_BBAU you didn't know she stalked Layla and not in a nice way? According to her brother ? Any thoughts?
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    Traisha VS Jason or Priya or David to LEAVE?

    who do you prefer to leave?
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    Is Skye overconfident that she will win?

    Seems like some housemates are pointing at it and calling her out on it. Telling Leo that he is with her because she is popular on the outside, Lawson calling her out that she stated that she can do whatever she wants because Australia loves her. What do you think?
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    200% Cat is not going. Dont even bother.

    She is the HOH. They need a power housemate for the nominations. and Nominations start tomorrow, there will be no time to grant a housemate the power ( I mean "we" are the one who votes for them).
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    Who are you voting from the next HOH?

    My votes go all to David!! Reasons, Priya, Lawson and Jason (my favs too) became HOHs.
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    Is Skye playing it up to the cameras?

    If seen alot of comments on twitter and facebook accuse Skye on being fake and playing a ditsy blonde persona from the "Im gonna piss myself.." ... "Oh god! Oh no!" and the dancing around going"I am not going to be nominated!" while running in circles to be all an child-like act. whats your...
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    Will the HMs go against Priya for choosing Gemma?

    Keep in mind that Katie knows that Priya is a strategist and might create a smear campaign against Priya for choosing Gemma as a tactical purpose to look good. I think Priya did it with good intentions, but seeing how people reacted with david shaving his beard, I wont be surprised if they used...
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    Do you like the fact that the HMs choose whom to evict?

    Whats your thoughts? I kinda see it from last years point. Tahan and Tim in the early weeks always got high number of nomination points from the group. If the power of evicting a housemate was implemented last year, they would both have been evicted (based on the high number of points they...
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    Big brothers Australia Scedule

    Hello! Could someone post the weekly schedule of BBAU? Many thanks
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    What would the top 3 do with 250,000?

    Obviously Tim won. But what would he do with the money now? If Tahan or Jade won.. what would they do with the money? Any ideas?
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    BBAU 2014 HMS: Tullys or Tims?

    Next year do you prefer the new Housemates to be more like Tully? or Tim?
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    Are you happy with the outcome? the winner?

    Are you happy about the winner?
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    Predictions: Who will get the Superpower?

    Lets predict who will get the superpower from the following nominees ;) Ben Tim Ed Drew Tahan
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    Does Big Brother want the sisters to be saved?

    Anyone noticed the sisters name for the voting numbers had been shown TWICE!!!! One time was with Mikkayla and the other one was with Jade and Ed.... hmmm...
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    Describe Each Housemate With ONE Word.

    Every Time a HM gets evicted, he/she will get removed from the list. You can update your list that time. After eviction night. Ill post the evicted HM name and next to it all the words you all posted that described them. Just write the ONE word that describes your housemate next to their name...
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    Tahan VS Mikkayla

    What do you think of it? Especially todays episode with Tahan VS Mikkayla?
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    BBAU TV rating

    Hello! I am not from australia, but I am curious to know the rating of BBAU in australia. In the UK, BBUK is huge and has 3 mil views daily. Anyone has any idea if BBAU is highly popular in Australia? or its not big?