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  1. Winterbourne

    Netflix' Okja

    This is a story about a girl and her pig. It is interesting and good. Watch it. Spoilers: while it wears its agendas on its sleeve, Okja leaves me wondering who the target audience is. It seems at first for kids, but the climax is harrowing and every white character is utterly foul mouthed...
  2. Winterbourne

    Australian Survivor - Whodjà like, whodja hate, who's just OK?

    Like: Nick - great fun to watch. He can't win, but he'll be back for allstars. Brooke - in a great spot, in a strong pair in a strong alliance on a strong tribe. And dead saucy. Phoebe - is playing her way out of a very tough spot. Connor - our winner (and my sweepstakeser.) Kate - a likable...
  3. Winterbourne

    First to eat at the diner

    So, who will be the first HM capable of manipulating Katie or Priya into buying them something to eat? Skye seemed totally unphased by the idea of a week without solid food. Perhaps some of the other girls have been on Zoolander diets before as well. The boofy guys will feel it, though. They...
  4. Winterbourne

    Alpha male

    Like Ed last year, I can see Ryan assuming this role, and it being accepted. Lisa seems to be into his okka schtick already. He has started targeting behaviour he sees as geeky, especially if it is done by someone who is ready to lightly ridicule him. He instantly took control of Travy on the...
  5. Winterbourne

    Priya's choices

    Priya and Katie are apparently a bad match. If she had chosen Jake instead, then I think they would make a formidable team. Jake is presumably full from late night tactical discussions with Tim, and the two of them could probably have gone far. However, it is clear that Priya is not playing to...
  6. Winterbourne

    Is it available overseas yet?

    Has anyone found or posted bbau2014 online yet?
  7. Winterbourne

    The Legend of Korra

    Ok, so season 2 of Korra went global today. If anyone else is a fan of the old Avatar, the Last Airbender, then I guess this is the place to discuss it. From watching the first episode, once, a little distractedly, the only thing I can raise at this point is - Man, Mako is a total Drew. They...
  8. Winterbourne

    Thoughts on the Production in BBAU2013

    (Mods, I couldn't find a thread specifically on this. Sorry if one exists, splice away.) So, today is Friday, and the live feeds show the game getting interesting. The noms are finalized, fears and tears are starting from the girls, plans of revenge and survival starting from the boys, (gender...
  9. Winterbourne

    Is Caleb an underground gay icon acting ocker?

    I am just asking questions. And stereotyping based on the flimsiest of cultural tropes. I took his almost retarded boofhead with a heart a gold, mate, ocker persona at face value at first. But all the evidence is also consistent with him being a high camp actor deep undercover. The Evidence...
  10. Winterbourne

    AJ Mass' theory of Archetypes in Big Brother

    I've heard this AJ Mass on RHAP a few times talking about the 12 archetypes in games like Big Brother and Survivor. It is from his book How Fantasy Sports Explain the World. I haven't read it. Google it and listen to a podcast if you are interested. These are the 12 personality types you want...