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  1. bbfans1111


    Travis should sue! Sonia is always saying how every vote counts, and Travis would have lost thousands of votes due to that royal fuck up. There should be a huge protest and Travis should be compensated. Even those who are glad Ryan won HAVE to admit Travis was at a disadvantage. I'm so mad. I...
  2. bbfans1111

    Final night - meet housemates

    If you live on Gold Coast or are visiting I can tell you how to meet the housemates!! I first discovered this by accident at the 2007 finale, where by sheer chance met the winner Aleshia,and runner up Zach and had a chat with Travis, Thomas, Michelle. I drove with my daughter to dreamworld to...
  3. bbfans1111

    Travis to win

    I think Travis deserves to win above all of them. He is never mean to anyone and always has a kind word to say to anyone who is upset etc. He always tries to have fun with everyone and include all as a group. And he was so loving to aisha. He doesn't do the stuff the others do.. ie. David is...
  4. bbfans1111

    Guess who is going tonight??

    I think Cat or Marina. Who can guess right..
  5. bbfans1111

    Guesses who is going tomorrow night??

    Thought it would be fun to see how many people guess right! I reckon Katie will go. I hope she does! Who do you think it will be ???..
  6. bbfans1111

    Who voted to save Katie!!

    Katie is SUCH a mean up-herself dumb bully who does nothing except eat, bitch, and play with her friggen hair all day! She deserved to go more than Dion. What sort of people would vote to save that mutt??