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    Game Counting in Pictures

  2. BigBrotherCritic

    Game Counting in Pictures

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    Speculation: Big Brother Australia in 2019?

    Its such a shame that Big Brother had to end with a house that was so ugly. Those pink walls omg what were they thinking
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    The new Big Brother Australia logo

    The original Endemol BB logo always reminded me of like a bottled water company. PLEASE CHANNEL 10 GODS LET THIS HAPPEN
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    Big Brother House photos now

    The very one! Thanks so much for sharing
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    Australian Survivor Ratings

    Whoooah reunion show with 600,000 thats so impressive. Overall I am intensely happy that AusVivor has been successful. For a show so close and dear to me I love the prospect of more Survivor in the future.
  7. BigBrotherCritic

    over 60 years ago

    Hi Tyrone, Have you written your title correctly? Is there a book called "over 60 years ago" or are you talking about 1984? Which is where Big Brother and the concept of the show came from.
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    Survivor US-David vs Goliath

    Are the ratings of US Survivor always pretty low tho? Considering its on Go and its international TV? Not sure myself because I haven't seen the ratings for earlier seasons
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    Australian Survivor Ratings

    These figures are so promising! Do we know how they are comparing to the bachelor?
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    Big Brother House photos now

    Does anyone else remember that video that was uploaded to YouTube and afterwards removed of a full walkthrough done in about 2016-17? It showed everything including crawl spaces and full camera runs, and was about 50 minutes long. Anyone got any idea why it would have been removed?
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    Love you Tim <3 <3
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    Big Brother 20 US - Pre-Season

    Is BBUS going to be on 9Go again?
  13. BigBrotherCritic

    Rumour: Big Brother Back This Summer on Nine

    Beat me too it Sepia Time to rewatch this, A great window into the past Also young Rove <3333
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    Rumour: Big Brother Back This Summer on Nine

    What do you think is better? A whole house or a studio?
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    THE COUCH - TV Chat Thread

    Do any of you know if Jeopardy! airs on Australian TV in any medium? I watch it every day on YouTube but its always a really poor quality video.
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    Love Island Australia - Coming to 9Go & 9Now

    Oof channel 9 just aired the word "fuck" uncensored I can't cope
  17. BigBrotherCritic

    Love Island Australia - Coming to 9Go & 9Now

    Im finding it quite funny actually that in the reboot of BB, ch 9 were so focused about making it family friendly, so much so that they punished the HMs for swearing, and now they're so focused on the trashy soppy sexy romance shows with lots of #SexyDrama
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    Rumour: Big Brother Back This Summer on Nine

    Proof? Wheres it being filmed? Surely by now they'd be crafting some kind of house, unless its gonna be in a studio like BBUS/CAN
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    Love Island Australia - Coming to 9Go & 9Now

    I was gonna call this show Big Brother for bogans but Big Brother was already for bogans so idk. Its gutter trash but I love it
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    Masterchef 2018

    This is my first time watching Masterchef since probably season 4 and I find it kind of welcoming that nothing has really changed in the format. The music, the filmography, and Matt Preston's clothes are exactly the same. Last nights challenge was really good but poor Sashi not getting the egg...