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  1. mebe

    Game ***Big Brother Australia Sweepstake 2021!***

    *whispers* I'll see you for VIP
  2. mebe

    Episode BBAU 2021 Episode 28 Discussion (22 June, 7:30pm)

    I think Marley Sid and Christine have all brought up parents fighting to bring them to a better life in Australia, I can see that they might want to represent that in F3 but if they really want the $$ they would do better to be the only one getting that section of the public vote instead of...
  3. mebe

    Episode BBAU 2021 Episode 28 Discussion (22 June, 7:30pm)

    old and cynical? you will always be a teen to us
  4. mebe

    Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 27 Discussion (21 June, 7:30pm)

    Just be glad she wasn't Rita the BBAU queef'er on command
  5. mebe

    Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 26 Discussion (16 June, 7:30pm)

    Tilly said this on instagram
  6. mebe

    Big Brother AU Greatest Moments

    OMG ... this is OT but has a tiny BB tie-in ... just found McLeod's Daughters for the first time ... which has now taken me down the Bridie Carter rabbit hole ... Is that Sonia co-hosting DWTS when Bridie was on??????
  7. mebe

    Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 20 Discussion (2 June, 7:30pm)

    Diving headfirst into the sofa tunnel maybe?
  8. mebe

    Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 19 Discussion (1 June, 7:30pm)

    If Katie was the Wicked Witch of the West, Jess is her evil little Flying Monkey
  9. mebe

    Big Brother Australia 2021: Final 3 (contains spoilers)

    Uggghhhhh ... so this is wrong already??? dang it ... I really want Tilly to last until F4
  10. mebe

    Episode BBAU 2021- Episode 14 Discussion (19 May, 7:30pm)

    I think it was him being sizist ... the doughy lumps were all nominated (we can call them dumplings if it sounds better) ;-)
  11. mebe

    Big Brother AU Greatest Moments

    yes, but Gretel won ;-)
  12. mebe

    Best Ever Intruder

    Just shocked that nobody chose the queef queen Rita from that season instead
  13. mebe

    Big Brother AU Greatest Moments

    lmao ... you don't use a toothbrush up your nose? ... I love the Krystal(BB4) Christie Brigitte Tilly role on BBAU
  14. mebe

    If canceled is BBAU dead?

    Seasons 3-8 were the very best ... and IT was very impressive ;-)
  15. mebe

    Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 9 Discussion (10 May, 7:30pm)

    In the Midwest (US) we call that goulash
  16. mebe

    Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 8 Discussion (9 May, 7pm)

    To introduce us to the awesome Tilly
  17. mebe

    Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 7 Discussion (5 May, 7:30pm)

    but from spoilers most likely the two teams come together at some point to take out the in-betweeners ... I don't see the big dog winning out to stay till F3 without doing so (just like last year C/S D/M)
  18. mebe

    Challenge Threats?

    She understood to stand on tiptoes to pull bar down in front of her (and told others that strategy) instead of keeping arms up entire time