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  1. Xast

    a few questions

    loving the show so far but i have never seen the uk version so i have no idea of the concept. firstly, how far in advance is this filmed? is this the day before like big brother? secondly, is there an audience with the hosts or is that the crew laughing along at their jokes? thirdly, do the...
  2. Xast

    Ryan vs Tim as 'The Best Big Brother Winner' - Audio

    This aired on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning, enjoy :) Ryan also talks about how he applied for the block.
  3. Xast

    Marianas Final Video to the House??

    Sorry if this has been mentioned before but why was Marianas video to the house filmed outside the house??
  4. Xast

    Mike Goldman's Own 'Up Late'
  5. Xast

    The poodles

    I think they're a nice little addition to the house. Who doesn't love animals? But it is getting a tad repetitive. What are your thoughts?
  6. Xast

    Up and Out talk?

    So, what was that whole first piece of info about being up and out actually about?
  7. Xast

    Surly to return as a parrot?

    The minute I saw all the birds in the house I was certain Surly would come back as a bird. Adding to this is a news article which states "A FINAL warning: Beware of the Parrot" Thoughts...
  8. Xast

    Do the Housemates...

    I've always wondered whether or not the housemates receive a visit to a therapist. I remember seeing somewhere that they do but i'm not to sure.
  9. Xast

    All the 2013 Big Brother Voices together (image)

    Aww, I had to share this... Now I can finally put a face to that old man voice *shivers*
  10. Xast

    Repetion of the T/F task

    This week bigbrother has repeated the yes or no task with a slightly differant edge although very similar. Do you think its cheap and uncreative or entertaining?