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    Construction starts on new house in Sydney Olympic Park

    I don't think they would put 2 similar shows even though on different networks up against one another in Survivor and Big Brother. Pretty sure 7 has Winter Olympics when MAFS starts then move into SAS. Big Brother will be on around after Easter/Early May like this year.
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    Episode BBVIP 2021 - Episode 3 Discussion (3 November, 7:30pm)

    Lol sounds like someone who has never watched Survivor or Big Brother. Luke called him out and said he would get eaten alive on Survivor lol.
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    Big Brother VIP 2021: Promos, Trailers & Teasers

    The only person who is remotely interesting in that Z grade cast is Luke Toki from Survivor. I think a lot of other Australian Survivor fans will probably watch just for Luke but good lord give me strength to get through this season. At least it will be quick but judging by the TV guides 7 seems...
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    I’m A Celebrity 2022 - Articles - turns out a production member brought COVID with them and now Byron has gone back into lockdown
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    Danny’s anti Quarantine rants

    No one should be surprised by this idiot regardless of your political views. This is the same guy who illegally left Melbourne in lockdown last year to cross the Queensland border to get "motorbike parts" and lied to police about his business all while filming it and sending it to A Current...
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    Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn - Episode 15 Discussion

    They won't go back to 3 tribes because JLP admitted in a pre season interview on RHAP, that it's more the cost for production to have another camp they have to deal with and also they don't think much of their audience to think they won't understand 3 tribes etc. It's aimed at for the more...
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    Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn - Episode 15 Discussion

    Ever since they started doing the champs vs contenders it has gone completely unbalanced. The challenges are more suited to brawn strength, editing has gotten worse to the point where they are just repeating the same people every episode despite have 3x90 minutes shows a week. The US would kill...
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    Big Brother VIP Line up leaked

    Bit surprised by Luke Toki considering he's doing 'Talking Tribal' for channel 10 every Tuesday after Survivor has finished. I know its the exact same producers who do Survivor or used to. Might be why they added Nick Iadanza to Talking Tribal this season knowing Luke was going on BB VIP.
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    How can Seven realisticly improve Big Brother?

    A proper intro showing all of the housemates, Veto and way less production interference! This season was far too obvious who got production interference to save them when the winner just plays a good old social game and wins. Also show some more heart to heart conversations so that we get to...
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    Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 3 Discussion (28 April) - Drawing Battle Lines

    Let's call it out, this is a Survivor challenge and most of them seem to be as the head honcho's are the exact same from AUS Survivor. Not exactly much creativity according to old mate from TV Blackbox. Anyway happy for Jess and knew from editing she was winning as they have given her a lot of...
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    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 14 Discussion (6 July)

    pretty obvious from the edit marissa is going home as we haven't seen her since Angie's elimination.
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    Woman's Day - Scandal to Rock the House!

    Unless it comes true, I don't believe a single thing Woman's Day says unless it's from a reputable source
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    Episode Australian Survivor All Stars (2020) - Episode 11 Discussion

    Twitter is going nuts over that decision from David. I feel for Phoebe but her biggest mistake was telling Dave about the clue. I get wanting to repair her relationship with him but if she told anyone it should of been Nick who she is very close friends with outside of the game. Plus it all...
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    Masterchef 2018

    This will be very predictable Ben behind first round then blitz Heston's wankfest of the Pressure test and will end up winning. Hope i'm wrong
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    Dear Channel Nine...

    Dear Channel 9, congrats on forcing your most popular presenter Lisa Wilkinson to quit your network and the today show to go join channel 10 on The Project in regards to her not getting the same fucking pay as her co host Karl Stiffynodick. There is definitely a boys club running at channel 9...
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    Episode Australian Survivor (2017) - Episode 7 Discussion

    Good riddance, bye Mark! Plan obviously didn't work as you wanted
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    Episode Australian Survivor (2017) - Episode 7 Discussion

    Is mark really that smart blurting out who he is going to vote out? What a dumb thing to say in front of everyone, now the idol will be in play because of him
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    Celebrities that annoy you.

    Long time Lurker first time poster in a long time I've got a few that I can't stand George Calombaris I'm a big fan of Masterchef but absolutely cannot stand this guy. He always eats with his mouth open, has bad table manners and has been vocal for years for cutting penalty rates to his staff...
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    Housemates you LIKE & DISLIKE

    Like: David, Penny, Ryan Fence: Travis, Priya, Leo, Lina Dislike: Skye Don't even bother with: Richard and Tom
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    Most to Least Favourite Housemate List

    David Lawson Priya Sam Jason Skye Aisha Dion Ryan Jake Cat Sandra Lisa Travis Katie