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    Which All Stars will return for the next series.

    Rumours swirling around that former housemates will be apart of the next series in 2021. I'd hazard a guess it'll be 10 All Stars and 10 new housemates. Who do we think are most likely to get a call? I'd actually be keen to see this format. Will be very interesting to see which housemates...
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    Bride and Prejudice

    I am like 80% sure Marina from this show is the same Marina from BBAU2014.
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    Survivor Season 33

    American Survivor Season 33 starts today. Millennials v Gen X(Lame theme). Seems like a good cast though! Has anyone heard anything about it being on GO? I haven't seen it advertised. Maybe Channel 9 don't want to air it anymore due to the fact that Channel 10 are currently airing an Australian...
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    Survivor Koah Rong: BrainsvBrawnvBeauty 2

    Survivor Season 32 kicks off this Wednesday in the US and will premiere less than 24 hours later here in Australia on GO! The sequel to Cagayan has 18 newbies separated on 3 tribes split based on Brains, Brawn and Beauty just like Cagayan. Survivor Cagayan is known as one of the best seasons...
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    Survivor Australia 2016!

    Australian Survivor is returning in 2016!
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    Survivor Second Chance

    Location: Cambodia. Theme: 20 returnees returning for a second chance. Includes contestants from as far back as season 1 and 2 and as recent as 28-30 and several in between! Tribe splits: Bayon tribe: Kimmi Kapenberg S2. Andrew Savage S7. Stephen Fishbach S18. Monica Padilla S19. Ciera...
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    Survivor Worlds Apart

    While the forums were down, the new season of survivor was announced as Season 30: Survivor Worlds Apart and the cast was also released. This season is all new players with a 3 tribe format. The theme is White Collar e.g. businessmen, Blue Collar e.g. working class people, and No Collar e.g...
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    Skye and Travis=Brigitte and Nobbi?

    Are Skye and Travis starting to remind anyone else of a slightly toned down version Brigitte and Nobbi from the 2008 series? Skye is a blonde bimbo who throws tantrums and acts dumb just like Brigitte. Travis is a loud, douchey, show off just like Nobbi. I say a toned down version because...
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    Housemate clones.

    This year during the audition process Alex M made a point of saying that they were not casting this years series by looking for the new Tim or new Tully. Looking at this years bunch, however, I would say that is exactly what they did. I was prompted to start this thread after learning that last...
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    Did I miss the storm?

    I just remembered all those "a storm is coming" advertisements before the show started. What I want to know is, did I miss the storm? What was it? Was it the housemates being paired up? Was it Dion and Jason spending the night in that plastic cylinder?
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    Who are the 3 central housemates?

    As most of you probably know, ALex has stated several times in the past that the main tactic the producers use in casting for the show is selecting 3 central housemates and selecting the rest around them to maximise story lines. In 2012 the 3 central housemates were Michae, Ben, and Bradley. I...
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    Survivor San Juan Del Sur

    New cast for upcoming season was released today:
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    "Live Show: The storm arrives - Day 2 (September 9)."

    On Tuesday the 9th of September, a live show titled The Storm Arrives will air. This will no doubt be the twist of the season and I thought we could use this thread to speculate what that could be. A mole entering? A secret couple entering? Ex housemates returning? A combination of these or...
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    Big Brother Hall of Fame

    If there was a BBAU Hall of Fame like the Survivor Hall of Fame, who would be inducted? In Survivor 5 were inducted for the 1st ballot and then 3 from then on. The first 5 inducted would and should probably be: Reggie2003, Sara-Marie2001, Chrissie2003, Paul2004, and Tim2005.
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    Favourite BBAU Housemate of all time?

    Just a random pre season poll on your favourite BBAU housemate of all time. I could only add 13 options to the poll so please forgive me if I do not add your favourite. I will add 12 of the greatest BBAu housemates of all time and than add an other option incase your favourite is not on the...
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    Survivor Cagayan: Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty

    Season 28 of Survivor premiers February 26th in America. It air's in Australia at 8:30pm on GO! February 27th. I am super excited for this season. 3 tribes with 6 on each. They are categorised as Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty. Hopefully it is a season similar to Season 25, the 3 tribe Philippines...
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    Housemate Stereotypes and will the trend continue?

    A point of discussion that seem's to come up every year on these forums is certain housemate stereotypes and whether or not the producers cast for stereotypes. I have noticed a trend over the past 4 seasons(2007, 2008, 2012, and 2013) and it got me wondering whether it truly was a trend or just...
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    Who will you vote to save?

    Tim, Ben, Drew, Tahan or Ed?
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    The Female Intruders

    I thought this was worthy of it's own thread. Two female intruders are entering on Monday after 1 of the bearded intruders have entered. 1 is a smart, sexy lawyer and 1 is a loud mouth pocket rocket. Most likely only 1 will stay like the boys.