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  1. Estelle.Landy

    Applications for next years Big Brother already open?!

    Some of us were sure it was going to die, however this link says otherwise:
  2. Estelle.Landy

    Ben Zabel recovering from overdose - Support for him

    If you are not aware : Just sending him loving vibes and I am sure you all will be too.
  3. Estelle.Landy

    If you were a Housemate - Where would your life go, post show?

    Thought I would start what I think is a very interesting discussion, based on the life after Big Brother. OR rather the expected life Vs the REAL life. What would be your expectations for your career, if any post show? This could branch off into - Why would you enter to be on the show to...
  4. Estelle.Landy

    So it's a trend -Estelle drops in -

    It seems to be a trend for ex-housemates at the moment to announce their joining. Well yes, here I am. I've lurked this forum since I left the house in 2012. But never quite felt compelled enough to post and join. That of course is until now I come without pretence. Tim advised me of some of the...