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  1. CaspersMum

    Hi @gemmasixfootsix!!

    Come and post!!! :D @gemma6foot6 even!
  2. CaspersMum

    Lina, Lina, Lina!!

    She's pretty. She's cluey. She doesn't act like she's in the middle of an acid trip! Lina for the win!
  3. CaspersMum

    Lovin' on Lawson

    He's a magician! How does it get better! I think he'll be fun!
  4. CaspersMum

    Australian "Slang" Interpretation

    For our overseas forum posters. A place to post the words and phrases you may not know the meaning of. ;) As a transplanted Yank myself, I'd have killed for a reference tool like this! HA!! Post away!!
  5. CaspersMum

    Is Jade sexually harassing Ed?

    I know! *groan* But hear me out. If their roles were reversed. If she had said no to him and yet he kept making sexually suggestive comments to her, the house would be up in arms. I mean seriously. Oh I think my underwear is quite see through! What's next: Do you think my nipples are...
  6. CaspersMum

    Yay!!! No more monkeys!!!

    Welcome back, Tim! We have housemates!
  7. CaspersMum

    Are we getting the Housemate Venting forum back...

    this year? Something tells me we are going to need one! ;)
  8. CaspersMum

    My Kitchen Rules! Yay!

    Starts Monday. Thank God. Finally something to watch! :D I lust after Manu.
  9. CaspersMum

    Zoe appreciation thread

    I did a search and didn't find one of these. I appreciate Zoe. I think she is completely down to earth, not afraid to voice her opinions, not overly harsh about what she says and she eats meat. Woo! She's totally comfortable in her own skin, doesn't stand in front of the mirror for hours...
  10. CaspersMum

    Ava: Playing a very smart game?

    Has anyone considered the possibility that Ava may be playing a great game? She saw the housemates interactions. Perhaps she thought it would be great strategy to align herself with misfit of the house so she can get the "Aw....look at how awesome she is with poor little Estelle." vote...