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  1. s2art

    Do you know what I really hate?

    the fact that producers and editors think we need to be reminded about the last episode, every fucking episode, and every ad break the fact that we as consumers are incapable of seeing through the editing process the fact that contestants already know what the right things to say are the fact...
  2. s2art

    Strategic Voting?

    As I watch each episode it seems to me that the HM could really make the tensions in the house more brittle by splitting votes instead of piling them all on one nominee. When Nick and Melissa were up surely a split voted could have made things more difficult, the same last night with Brenton...
  3. s2art

    Big Bother Futures on Sportsbet?

    I see Sportsbet is running odds for a variety of scenarios. Most with pretty long odds Scroll down and tun the disclosure arrow down. Big Brother 2021 to be permanently moved to...
  4. s2art

    Challenge Threats?

    Given that Katie and Jessica have yet to win a challenge how is it that Daniel and the others see them as a threat?
  5. s2art

    Is George Orwell's Novel relevant anymore?

    As someone who was a voracious reader as a youngster. I enjoyed George Orwell's 1984 book. And as a consequence have been super keen to see if the idea could be extrapolated in contemporary television. Needles to say I have always been disappointed; with the Australian version anyway. But it now...
  6. s2art

    Screengrabs from 7 Plus?

    Anyone got any tips on grabbing screen grabs from the 7plus site to create gifs?
  7. s2art

    Sportsbet odds

    This week Xavier has moved to 4th spot with, Dan, Chad and Mat holding the top three spots. Dan 2.75 Chad 3.5 Mat. 4.5 Xavier 5.5 Sophie 8.0 Angela 9.0 Keiran 9.0 Ian 10.0 Garth 15.0 Casey 21.0 Zoe 21.0 Sarah 25.0 Shane 34.0 Hannah 41.0 Marissa 45.0
  8. s2art

    Seriously; who 'watches' free to air TV anymore?

    Our nightly ritual usually involves a meal with some easy to digest TV on in the background. Eating during the ad breaks and half watching the actual show like MKR. Once dinner is over and we retire to the couch, I myself may have a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone all within easy reach. When...
  9. s2art

    For all the Penny supporters out there?

    This from Alex the producer of BB "I wish Penny had been in the House from Day One! She has been incredibly entertaining and likeable and had the perfect energy to inject to the House four weeks ago. My favourite moment of the show this year was Penny’s “period, period, period” rant in the Diary...
  10. s2art

    Game Caption this picture

    It seems the entire house over reacts to every announcement; see the screen cap from last nights show. My Caption? Tim Dormer wins the $250K in 2014.
  11. s2art

    Can Somebody Explain this graphic for me?

    This graph looks pretty but tells me nothing all and any ideas, theories conspiracy or other wise welcome!
  12. s2art

    Who deserves to win?

    We will never agree on the winner and why, but is entrainment value more important than needs and how much does editing really determine our perception of the Housemates? FYI, I chose the last option as this would be more in the spirit of the “real” big brother.
  13. s2art

    Coffee? Anyone?

    I’ll have a long black or, ristretto, both with double shots. Latte coffees are for wimps; just saying’.
  14. s2art


    Spot the HM without a tattoo?
  15. s2art

    tumblr? anyone?

    Just curious if any folks use tumblr, my dedicated BB tumblr dash is pretty empty coz I haven’t been able to find a dedicated BB, or BBAUS tumblr to follow. My address is in my signature below
  16. s2art

    Search Feature?

    Ok, am I missing something? Is there a search feature for these forums that I can't see? *facepalm* admins delete or lock at will I found it!