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  1. darknstormy

    Forum memebers post your pic!!

    Years ago there was a thread where members posted their own photo maybe we should do it again? End of another BB just to see the real "us" behind the posts!
  2. darknstormy

    How old were you when BB first aired on 24/04/2001

    Which age bracket were you in?
  3. darknstormy

    Lets try and get a forum member into the house!
  4. darknstormy

    BB winners baby! cute...

    Just found this how cute! Aleisha's
  5. darknstormy


    Anyone wanting JADE, TIM, BOOG or DREW to even have a chance at winning Vote out Tahan, with that D&#$ Head of a BF spending the cash saving her, none of the others will stand a chance if she gets in the final 2. If anyone worked it out booting out Tahan could see your favourite HM win. Just...
  6. darknstormy

    Most memorable HMs this year?

    For me Tim and Tully stand out, I think in years to come they will be the two names mentioned in relation to this years BB, Who do you think?
  7. darknstormy

    Tahan why so popular?

    I have never got her. She is annoying. Can those who like her share the reason why?.
  8. darknstormy

    Shoot the messenger....

    In the incident tonight where Drew conveyed to Tahan, What Jade and Mikkayla had said about her. One really poor thing i found was Drew could not even admit to it initially, He seemed ok for the girls to Blame Boog. That really annoyed me, Sure what Jade and Mikkayla had said was not the nicest...
  9. darknstormy

    Drew where are you?

    He is so quiet and under the radarish since Tully is out!.....Could his hook up have been his strategy to hide this>>>
  10. darknstormy

    Wishing the BB house was more like Geordie Shore!

    Im hooked on the show, Love the characters. Would anyone else prefer an Australian geordie shore to the traditional BB.
  11. darknstormy

    Why does entertainment need to be negative?

    Often people state they like watching conflict, and enjoy it like a train wreck. But really you need balance!, Look at last night at the very end of the show, Ben was attacked by pillows by the boys in the dark, That was fun! Watching Drew and Tully is not fun, its boring as. Even Tim one...
  12. darknstormy

    Can't take anymore TULLY Save Heidi

    Her and Drew together are blah blah boring. She is not entertaining anymore more a pain in the backside to watch. I would like to see a little Drew interacting with others. Save Heidi simply to evict Tully
  13. darknstormy

    What is lacking?

    It feels something is lacking in this series of Big Brother. I must admit i missed 2 seasons 2008 and 2012. The last big Brother i watched fully was 2007 when Aleisha won. I really miss the live aspect of the show. Little things like Sunday night Evictions, FNL, and even Gretel replaced by...
  14. darknstormy

    Which series was the best?

    I assume majority of us have seen all or most BBA series. Which was the best for you?, and Why?.
  15. darknstormy

    If they were all up to EVICT who gets your vote

    Who would you EVICT
  16. darknstormy

    If they were all up to save, who would you save?

    Who would you save?
  17. darknstormy

    Old Ideas once again....comparisons to the past HM

  18. darknstormy

    Where Are They Now?

    2001 Ben Williams Blair McDonough Sara-Marie Fedele Christina Davis Jemma Gawned Anita Bloomfield Peter Timbs Lisa Standing Rachel Corbett Gordon Sloan RIP 12 9 07 Todd James Sharna West Andy Silva 2002 Peter Corbett Nathan Martin (Marty) Sahra...