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    Tina Arena Hate Thread

    This thread, man.
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    Priya Appreciation Society

    All bitterness and jokes aside, sorry guys. I know you were rooting for her, and I'm sorry that you got let down.
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    The Birthday Thread

    Thanks, man
  4. LoveAndMercy

    happy birthday to me

    happy birthday to me
  5. LoveAndMercy

    What did Leo say to David?

    Bruce Willis was a ghost
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    The Beach Boys Megathread

    So I take it you liked it? :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: You should jump in and comment anytime! I could talk Beach Boys for hours, so show off some of your 'insanity'! :) Here's one of the most haunting videos I've seen on Youtube. How he hits the high notes, I'll never know.
  7. LoveAndMercy

    The Beach Boys Megathread

    Don't worry, I have a feeling there won't be any Mike Love megafans in the thread! :whistling: He always gave off a creepy uncle vibe to me. Nice going with HMR, already 10 plays in ;) Such a fantastic video! It's so funny watching Brian give it a genuine go while Dennis and Carl look like...
  8. LoveAndMercy

    The Beach Boys Megathread

    I'd also add "Wonderful", "Love To Say Dada", "Wind Chimes", "Caroline, No", "Don't Talk (Put Your Head On my Shoulder)" and "Child Is The Father Of The Man". Each of those songs completely blew my mind when I heard them. If you ever get around to it, you should totally check out All Summer...
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    The Beach Boys Megathread

    If she can hit the high notes, she's doing waaaay better than me. :) Oh they definitely had a good natured rivalry going on. I think if SMiLE had been release, The Beatles would've given us a much weirder White album at the very least. Don't get me wrong, I love The Beatles (anyone wanna...
  10. LoveAndMercy

    The Beach Boys Megathread

    Thanks for getting the ball rolling, good taste ;) Good Vibrations and God Only know truly are masterpieces. I'd even go as far as to say that Good Vibrations is the greatest pop song of all time. In my opinion, anyway :) I love all the behind-the-scenes footage and snippets that are floating...
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    Say something nice...

    I like it when your at dinner with someone, and your stomach growls noticeably loud and the person your having dinner with ignores it.
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    The Beach Boys Megathread

    Because I should ;) Any questions, discussion or comments? Bring 'em here!
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    Has Priya lost her fanbase?

    This thread has me fucked.
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    Has Priya lost her fanbase?

    Name calling? That's low. Ghandi once said "Be the change you wish to see in the world". You should listen to Ghandi.