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  1. darknstormy

    Episode I'm A Celebrity! AU (2018) - Episode Discussion

    Vicki saying Mundine sounded like a "Total Fanny".!!!! Now that's gold.
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    Where Are They Now?
  3. darknstormy

    Favourite series of BBAU

    2005-2007 controversial conflict and great! minus Jamie and the Logans!
  4. darknstormy

    Where Are They Now?

    Aleisha..... Emma.... Thomas.... Zach... Andrew..... Joel.....
  5. darknstormy

    Where Are They Now? found this with some info ....
  6. darknstormy

    Where Are They Now?

    Cant believe this thread i made on a whim, The night of joinng BBBAu 9 years ago lol!.
  7. darknstormy

    Why was Corey Worthington put in the BB house?
  8. darknstormy

    Forum memebers post your pic!!

    Ok ill put mine up, very plain Jane
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    Forum memebers post your pic!!

    Yeah sarcastically as in meme's
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    Forum memebers post your pic!!

    Years ago there was a thread where members posted their own photo maybe we should do it again? End of another BB just to see the real "us" behind the posts!
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    How old were you when BB first aired on 24/04/2001

    Which age bracket were you in?
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    Network Ten exec wishes they kept BB

    Its interesting though BB has been going for 12 years, Such a length of time many younger viewers likely never really saw the earlier years. Imagine your 19 now you were only 7 for BB01, unlikely you watched BB and could appreciate it as you could as an adult now. People of my ripe age of 36 can...
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    Big brother housemates in Sydney.

    I drove past Mawson Park an hour ago the stage is ready!!!! im so going!
  14. darknstormy

    Lets try and get a forum member into the house!
  15. darknstormy

    Post BB - Housemate Antics 2013

    Ed and Jade remind me of these 2
  16. darknstormy

    2013 in years to come how will they look???

    I see Tahan a bit like this in 20 years