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    Post BB Housemate Antics - Part 3

    I'm weak at Skye's response to Tully, that's classic. The fact they cheered when she was evicted shows that they took pleasure in someone's demise - which as she later said comes down to jealousy. Stacey and Tully were unbearable during their seasons so it's a little ironic they found her...
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    Skye does not tag Ryan in Instagram pictures?

    In the interview she did today she said she would choose Ryan over Leo and Jake, she could be playing games with him. Or she just doesn't know he has instagram
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    Skye - Got a pass through auditions?

    I get what your saying but I also seen Skye's mate on Instagram after launch saying "we had to keep it quiet for weeks" which makes me think she made the initial post up
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    Skye - Got a pass through auditions?

    This whole thing is pretty suss, but since she posted that a month after 2013 ended, and 9 months before 2014 started, im leaning towards this being an attention seeking post which was based on her dream, which she was lucky enough to achieve. Surely if they had told her she was gonna be a...
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    Skye - Got a pass through auditions?

    IQ's mean fuck all... I think BB will make Skye more mature now that she's had to live independently for 3 months
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    Skye - Got a pass through auditions?

    Her FB is messed up, she's got like 4500 friends and the majority of people that comment on her statuses are seedy old dudes creeping on her that aren't even from the GC... also some of the shit she says is bizarre and straight confusing. Having watched her on Big Brother and feeling like i know...
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    Skye - Got a pass through auditions?

    Her personal Facebook account was posted on the Big Brother Facebook page yesterday and there's a goldmine of stuff on it. But this one surprised me. December 5? Auditions were like 4 months away lol. At first i thought she was being optimistic about her chances but then this came up AND...
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    Skye Appreciation Thread

    Someone posted Skye's personal Facebook account on the Big Brother Facebook page and it is fucking brilliant, she is literally like she was in the house as she is on social media...
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    Ryan vs Tim as 'The Best Big Brother Winner' - Audio

    I reckon Ryan watched a few seasons of Big Brother after he got picked. How would he have known Hotdogs? Not surprised he said he thinks the show is rubbish, he always had that 'im better than this' vibe throughout the season.
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    Shit season of Big Brother?

    I don't even think it was as bad as some make it out. I think Travis, Skye, Priya and David are some of the best housemates ever (ducks for cover). I also really liked the double evictions which meant they were getting rid of both the boring characters and the mean characters (i.e Dion and...
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    Hi @gemmasixfootsix!!

    How would you know your edit was negative if you haven't watched it....
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    How do you think the series would have gone if it was Vote to EVICT?

    Ryan would have won easily, Travis would have been out one of the first weeks, Dion, Jason, Aisha, Jake, Sam would have made the final week. That's why it should always be vote to save.
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    Post BB Housemate Antics - Part 3

    She looks better with the extra 6kgs.
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    My BBAU Housemate Ranking

    22. Tom 21. Marina 20. Lisa 19. Katie 18. Gemma 17. Leo 16. Sandra 15. Sam 14. Richard 13. Jason 12. Dion 11. Jake 10. Lina 9. Cat 8. Lawson 7. Aisha 6. Penny 5. David 4. Ryan 3. Priya 2. Skye 1. Travis
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    Episode Day 80 (26/11/14) Grand Finale (NB: Live Spoiler warning, site-wide)

    The fact Sonia said "Register now online" suggests they are confident it will be back in some way.