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    Channel 7 upfronts live chat

    I'm also curious about this. For those that watch the overseas version - are they locked inside the entire time?
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    Channel 9 Secret Message??

    'bit of a stretch' ?? Well what the fk would you rather.. .5 of a host? lol
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    Star Wars Big Brother 3

    Explain how this would work so we can get a better understanding @brandonthud75
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    Celebrity Big Brother tipped for later this year

    Audio from 27/4/15: Sonia was interviewed in the middle of the show (around 8am) and Kerri Anne came on at the very end (around 9.45)
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    Celebrity Big Brother tipped for later this year

    Kerrie Anne on the Kyle & Jackie O show: "I was asked many many many times to do celeb big brother" Will get the audio shortly.
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    Eviction Stage design, On-Air Graphics and Theme Song Talk

    they never mentioned it being revealed? those photos are just the entrance thing they made.
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    a few questions

    is this necklace their microphone? Marueen was talking about how she hates it during her interview and that she wanted to rip it off. That's a pretty crafty way to hide it if so.
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    Can we replace Julia Morris with a host with personality please?

    They're clearly playing on the fact that Chris is extremely good looking by acting as though Julia is crazily obsessed with him. It's just banter and if you can't see that.. Then you probably shouldn't watch the show.
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    a few questions

    loving the show so far but i have never seen the uk version so i have no idea of the concept. firstly, how far in advance is this filmed? is this the day before like big brother? secondly, is there an audience with the hosts or is that the crew laughing along at their jokes? thirdly, do the...
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    Big Brother Australia - a surprise is coming!

    He used to do lots of project crosses
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    Sonia is co-hosting The Voice, unlikely Big Brother will be back

    good! Hope she fucks off and has nothing to do with bb ever again. Worst host ever.
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    Ryan vs Tim as 'The Best Big Brother Winner' - Audio

    they should take audition from BehindBB ;)
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    Ryan vs Tim as 'The Best Big Brother Winner' - Audio

    This aired on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning, enjoy :) Ryan also talks about how he applied for the block.
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    Ryan never applied?

    nooo, nooo, they clean