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  1. Wormow

    The Voice 2020

    I don't care for this show but Channel 9's statement when Channel 7 poached the show is still the most iconic thing.
  2. Wormow

    Pre-recorded BB. Will you watch?

    I don't even have access to television channels anymore, so nope. I don't find the format interesting and if I wanted to watch something that was pre-recorded, there are much better reality shows that I find more interesting than a pre-recorded Big Brother series (from Australia)
  3. Wormow

    Big Brother 2020: Promos and teasers (contains spoilers)

    I was going to make a rebuttal, then I just remembered BBAU 2014 happened.... (I don't even remember the winner's name)
  4. Wormow

    Big Brother 2020: Promos and teasers (contains spoilers)

    I really like the idea of the outside having an effect in the house - keeps the game unpredictable.
  5. Wormow

    Big Brother 2020: Promos and teasers (contains spoilers)

    I just watched the last season of Big Brother UK 2018 w/ my boyfriend and I had such a fun time (besides the fact that vote to evict is literally the WORST format ever and I hope BBUK ditches that in the future). I love the AU/UK format. Randomly watched BBAU again and wow, the series were...
  6. Wormow

    Big Brother 2020 has begun

    I read the show was back, excitedly logged onto the forums and now I leave with disappointment.
  7. Wormow

    So...Back In 2015?

    I'm still laughing because Ryan won BB14. Oh god.
  8. Wormow

    BB 2014 Lounge Auctioned Off

    Wow. This is cheap by a normal furniture standards, let alone a prop from a television show.
  9. Wormow

    So...Back In 2015?

    (This is late, but...) The budget for Big Brother Australia probably doesn't even come close to the costs associated with The Big Bang Theory. Aside from the fact that this season of Big Brother is probably the cheapest yet out of the three from Channel 9 so far, but the audience and...
  10. Wormow

    Who were you hoping would win this time last year?

    2012 - Estelle 2013- - Jade 2014 - Skye
  11. Wormow

    Best BBAU (Channel 9 Era) Season Yet?

    What has been the best and most entertaining season of Big Brother Australia during the Channel 9 era in your opinion?
  12. Wormow

    Episode Day 72 (18/11/14) Eviction

    Goodbye David, THANK GOD.
  13. Wormow

    Final Triple Eviction - Who Will Go?

    The final triple eviction before the final day - who will be evicted? (CHOOSE THREE!)