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    Ryan never applied?

    No, he didn't audition. He was also told to play the bad guy.
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    Week 4 Eviction - Who Do You Want To Save?

    That's a lot. were they double evictions? I'm surprised that Jake left.
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    Week 6 spoilers - Intruder, Ben, fake eviction, Derryn Hinch

    how do we know that skye will be hoh?
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    Leo Appreciation thread - Take two!

    where did this guy come from? intruder already?!
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    Week 4 Eviction - Who Do You Want To Save?

    I've missed 2 weeks. Who left after Gemma?
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    Game Word Association

    You say :colt I say : filly
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    Episode Day 16 (23/09/2014) Live EVICTION #1

    I like this series now! WoohooWoohoo
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    Episode Day 15 (22/09/2014) Monday Night Live #2

    Sephrenia !!! How the heck are you??? I miss you!!
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    Reality or constructed Soap Opera?

    I wonder if the cameras are actually switched on for a good proportion of the day. Might explain a lot. Feel like it's staged for the few hours of filming.
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    Episode Day 14 (21/09/2014) Big Brother: Sunday

    What's happening? Is the show good?
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    Game Word Association

    You say : roots I say : rabbit
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    I'm liking this years BB

    I am losing interest. I can't even work out their names. BB is my life, I hope I can get into it soon.
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    Benjamin HM 2012 - Officially joins Behind Big Brother.

    Hi Ben! I spent a lot of money helping you win because you were very entertaining. Well done. I hope life after Big Brother is good for you.
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    General O/T Chit Chat Thread

    WOW !!! I am super impressed!!!! And hi to Penelope. How the heck are you??