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    races in and hugs arthur. hi buddy
    thanks for leaving a message like that in my profile for everyone to read. I haven't posted in island for ages and now I find out that someone has used my account..ie hacked into it or something.. and posted something you didn't like. You haven't even bothered to tell me the gist of the post.. instead you accuse me of letting someone use my account, which in my opinion is rather presumptuous. I haven't done anything and for that I'm banished from the island.
    hey hey Arthur :)
    whats happning?
    I havent been contributing much lately... but its nice to meet you ;)
    travis was getting his hair done according to the task. He has a blond wig and bianca has to make into dreadlocks. during their chit chat they discuss doing a prank and various name are thrown around..
    nobbi come along and suggests ben but not until next week and then walks away before either can discuss this with him... my thoughts are..
    why ben and why next week?
    is there any agenda?
    hi arthur. i like coming here to look at your av :)
    Hi Arthur. Just thought I'd drop in and give you my condolences. Barney has gone. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time. :(
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