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    Welcome back

    So happy to see things back :) Took me a while to get back cos I'd stopped checking daily... then weekly ... and had almost gotten to monthly.
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    BBB Members and Their Christmas Traditions

    Not relevant to this post, but today I watched "Rare Exports" after reading about your opinions a year ago. I was a tad worried, but really pleasantly surprised by the movie. Thanks for the recommendation and Merry Christmas to you and yours!
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    BBB Members and Their Christmas Traditions

    Days and threads like this make me so glad I found the internet, and this particular spot on it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Even if Christmas Day isn't magical for me, I feel very loved - and that is special and appreciated - today.
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    BBB Members and Their Christmas Traditions

    Thanks guys .. I really appreciate it. Christmas used to be my most favourite thing in the world. Even when my kids were little I'd wake up hours before them, so excited it was Christmas! I really miss it - and hubby is really anti-social so things are very very different these days. Maybe if...
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    BBB Members and Their Christmas Traditions

    My mother made Christmas amazing for the whole family. Even after we'd grown up and left home we were expected to show for Christmas breakfast at 7am - ham eggs and mimosas - before Dad handing out the presents one at a time around the tree. With the little kids (grandkids) it was always...
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    Latest trends in TVland

    We already had a version of Shark Tank called Dragon's Den some years ago. It didn't rate so it never got a 2nd season. I wonder
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    Skye - Got a pass through auditions?

    IQ doesn't usually change with age, unless certain activities affect brain function. I had my IQ measured professionally when I was 16, and when re-tested at 45 it was only 2 points different (lower). A high IQ really just indicates an ability to apply learned information to new situations and...
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    Behind Big Brother credits + a cheeky call for donations

    I've been here a long time, and although I don't post all that often, I love visiting and reading. Thanks for another great year :)
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    Photoshops please!

    Take a look in the photoshops thread:
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    Preview for Monday

    Definitely NOT Halloween - that was weeks ago.
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    I am beginning to think Lina considers Australians to be beneath her.....

    She did say that - but she also said she'd done kindergarten in China before Tianenman Square made her parents decide to move here. How old is she?
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    Worst part of this year's Big Brother?

    Recycled tasks - and predicting when they'd happen.
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    Betting Odds 2014

    Well I had in my first 4 a horse I part-owned who was coming back from a long break and I had great faith in him despite his something like 40-1 odds. I got lucky - it hasn't happened since and he's long since retired now.