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    Miss you @allican.

    Miss you @allican.
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    Welcome back

    I've been a member of this forum for about 10 years. I donated $20 bucks of my hard earned bogan money in order to continue to enjoy the company of you bunch of Z grade weblebrities. $2 bucks a year on average and a badge that screams I'm awesome. $2 bucks! Who's the moron now?!? Oh and I...
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    Is Camerashy1 a 2014 Housemate?

    It would be great if @camerashy1 just came back and said "I am fine. I am alive. I don't want to explain my absence but I thank you all for your concern" That would make me happy.
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    Is Camerashy1 a 2014 Housemate?

    So....has anyone asked David? Just to be sure and rule out the only other soccer fan in the show?
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    Episode Day 72 (18/11/14) Eviction

    Oh my gosh - I am late to the party because family life has been an all consuming vacuum this evening plus on Queensland time but tuned in just now to see the housemates confusion at the quiet audience. Especially with Skye doing her bogan hello to absolute silence instead of screams. Perfect!!
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    Episode Day 71 (17/11/2014) Eviction

    Gah!!! What did Leo say to Dave?????? I must know!
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    Episode Day 71 (17/11/2014) Eviction

    I am quite fond of penny.
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    Episode Day 71 (17/11/2014) Eviction

    Love angry Leo. Hahaha best argument of the season.
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    Episode Day 66 (12/11/14) Eviction

    Skye would have to have been most saved. Showing the percentages would ruin the producer made dramas.
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    Horrible Histories

    Love this show! The kids loved it too but it grosses them out a lot. I'm a history geek proven by the fact that Time Team is one of my all time favourite shows.
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    The voting public.

    I have been surprised by the number of over 25 gels who love Skye. These same people like Priya but think she a back stabber. They like Skye's in ya face approach. Meh. I don't get it personally.
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    Is Alex Mavroidakis & team cracking under pressure ?

    I have found it so hard to watch this season and I have never found a BB series so hard to watch before. The lack of consistency has been a curse as has the time between episodes. Days and days in a row without having a show and they wonder what is going on with the ratings? I have a high...
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    Episode Day 59 (5/11/14) Daily show

    Nup.. I've flipped the channel. Very little natural interaction between housemates and now Lina sent a task to flirt with Leo.
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    Episode Day 59 (5/11/14) Daily show

    I really dislike skye. Though interestingly, if it's quiet and you stare at her head you can almost hear the little bubbles of nothing.