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    Why I'm Happy Travia didnt win.

    Oh no... someone who thought they could win...............................................
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    Congratulations Ryan!

    I think there's an overriding problem if your kids choose a Big Brother winner as a role model.
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    Does David respect women?

    I think he has some very old fashioned views on women. Like when he says things "that's unlady-like". etc. Pretty obvious. Don't think he's a full blown misogynist, but there's an element.
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    Game Big Brother 2014 Housemate Popularity Tracker

    Priya 447 David 221 Skye 147 Aisha 51 Penny 32 Lina 23 Richard -3 Tom -9 (+) Leo -24 (-) Ryan -49 (-) Travis -66 (+) Cat -124
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    Travis and Aisha sleep together. Says Marina.

    Unless a housemate confirms it, I'm hesitant to believe it, no matter how many "inside" sources you throw at me.
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    Who's Your Biggest Housemate Crush Ever?

    You couldn't identify true beauty even if it was replying to your post.
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    The real skye

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    Who's Your Biggest Housemate Crush Ever?

    I'm in love with myself.
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    Is Lina ethnic Chinese or was she just born there?

    Moved to Australia from Beijing when she was 6 and didn't know any English. Born in Beijing (I presume) and I think she said her dad had a hard time seeing her because he was white. Actually, not sure if I've correctly recalled that....
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    Talk to Timdormer (yes it's really me)

    Is Jeepers Creepers too long of a name?
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    Skye, You Hypocritical Nasty Girl

    Lol. This is as illogical as someone venting at their partner, because they had a dream their partner was cheating on them. Um, it hasn't happened. Stop treating it like it has.
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    Why is "playing the game" taboo?

    If you think about it, the public has the same reaction towards "playing the game" as housemates. For example, there are always discussion whether or not Skye is fake, or whether she's real. Pitting fake as something that is bad and unacceptable, and if she's real then it's all okay. But by...
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    Game Big Brother 2014 Housemate Popularity Tracker

    Priya 439 David 223 Skye 149 Aisha 48 Penny 28 Lina 24 Richard -1 Tom -7 (+) Leo -19 (-) Ryan -52 (-) Travis -62 (+) Cat -121 Lawson -127