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    Big Brother Au Promo Talk

    Apparently filming yesterday seemed to suggest an Attack of the 50-Foot Sonia concept for the ads this year.
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    Can I just say...

    We can ignore people now? Oh thank Canadian Jesus.
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    What Theme Should The BB House Have Next Year?

    I don't know whether I'd want any particular theme, since they never seem to work - aside from the water towers, nobody remembers anything about the BB07 environmentally-friendly theme, for example, and countries-as-rooms probably won't work given their efforts along those lines in the past...
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    Podcast you might want to listen to

    Seriously. It doesn't help his cause that Tim and Ben kept getting individual tasks those first few weeks - even if you don't have time to decide (which is BS anyway), you certainly have the time to know who's getting lost in the crowd and giving them a chance to get some screentime instead of...
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    This season has been better than others

    This season hasn't been BAD, but the problem is literally everything they've done has been done better in other seasons. Two houses? BB3 rocked it. Rich/poor? Pretty much every time it's a weekly task it's more fun than the Halfway House was. Fake eviction? Anna and Camilla were much better than...
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    BIG BROTHER: ALL STARS - Who would you cast?

    As much as I'd love to see BBAU: All-Stars, it would be executed terribly. You just know the current producers will pick the OTT usual suspects like Paul and Fitzy and Bradley, and those kind of people don't make for great television when you put them all together. You'd need at least half of...
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    Justynn Not Invited to the Finale

    Yes, they even had a sketch about them still being stuck in the White Room. I'm pretty sure even the three not-chosen intruders from BB2 who didn't even set foot in the compound got to go to the finale.
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    Demographic of the remaining housemates

    Agreed. I feel like we're watching the blatantly phony House 2 from last year's failed prank.
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    Would you like to see big brother return next year

    Re. the voting conditions: I agree the wording is a bit stupid, but in essence it just allows them to void power-voting blocs - if too many people vote for the same person several times in a very small area of the country, the excessive votes trigger a spam blocker.
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    Would you like to see big brother return next year

    Not unless there's a complete clearing-out of the current producers. It's true Alex is the 'face' of the producers, but ultimately nothing will change unless we get rid of all of them and start fresh.
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    "Intruders" is such a boring idea now

    It's not even that the intruders are lame (which they almost always are), but the producers of this version haven't done anything even remotely original with how they introduce them. Remember how in the first two seasons it was an actual event? Why can't we get a situation like BBUK's Secret...
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    Xavier: X Marks the Hot

    Xavier's been pretty hilarious on Twitter the last few weeks. If only they'd shown us more of him, he'd still be there.
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    Episode Day 22 - DOUBLE EVICTION SHOW - Monday 19 August 2

    Agreed with the chair complaint. Alex et al, you have a big stage. USE IT.
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    what would you change to get ratings back?

    Agreed with everything said so far. I rewatched a week of BB02 recently (the infamous international task catastrofail and double eviction, if you're playing along), and even though it still isn't one of my favourite seasons, thanks mostly to how much they shoved Marty/Jess and the intruders down...
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    BB10 Review: Week 2, Good/Bad?

    I think it's interesting that in two weeks, they've now plagiarised The Newlywed Game (week 1's task), The Price is Right (one of the games was 'guess the overall cost of these groceries'), Minute to Win It (attaching a pedometer to hips instead of forehead doesn't make a new game), and...