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    In The News

    Because Eddie is an idiot. The 13 yr old is more intelligent than him and should have known better?
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    Deaths of Minor Celebrities

    Aww I remember watching her and her face lift progress :(
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    The Birthday Thread

    11? God I wish :)
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    The Birthday Thread

    Aww Thanks guys xxx
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    Survivor Caramoan: Australia on GO!

    Looks like Dawn loses the plot this week :(
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    The Weather Thread

    Getting windy out there now Pecan :(
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    General O/T Chit Chat Thread

    Archive it :)
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    General O/T Chit Chat Thread

    Cowie,Are you sure I didn't screencap it? Lol
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    Estelle and Michael kissed last night! Eww or Yew?

    I think you are all being cynical. I believe it is true love and they will live happily ever after.
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    Masterchef 2012

    I do. Recently I had to spend two weeks away and didn't see my family for the first week. That was hard enough but it became really hard after I saw them briefly and then had to go back to not seeing them again. I kind of like Julia. But she is restricted as a cook.
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    Masterchef 2012

    I'm more pissed off that I read Woman's Day this week which listed the final 5 a week early. :(
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    The Tallulah Thread Part 2

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    The Birthday Thread

    Thank you xxxxxxxxxx