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    Delete my account...

    The fuck is going on in here.
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    Random question about dogs in the house...

    Aren't they more for the HM's benefit than ours? I mean, their fridge full of food serves no purpose to us but I am sure the HM's get value out of it.
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    This years BB for me has been meh.

    I agree with your most of your points - but even with real producers who aren't sacks of shit it is still hard to predict what housemates will reference at nomination time so sepia flahsbacks are always going to be around. Even with a 1 hour daily show it isn't really enough to cover the...
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    The 4 new intruders are pointless and a waste of time

    Oh true? Must have missed that!
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    The 4 new intruders are pointless and a waste of time

    12 orig HM's with 4 intruders is def the best format. Intruders are still really really important because they shake things up which is a breat of air after a few weeks. Without it, it's too easy for the orig housemates to fall into a routine. Routines are boring as shit. Ryan's couple split...
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    It's not what you know...

    Implying we have any sort of power to jeopardize anyone's chances haha. Come on.
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    Deadly Dozen getting too powerful

    Yeah that's what pria did with her final point. She had 7 people in the red zone, then proceeded to fuck it up by being an idiot - then got lucky and managed to get 7 back in the red zone with 1 point remaining, finally realised the benefit of this and then used her last point to view. She iss...
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    Jason EXTENDED Interview - SCOOPLA

    You forgot Jake.
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    Deadly Dozen getting too powerful

    Every time a person leaves this stupid power gets more and more powerful - less people to reveal and a lower number needed to get someone into the red zone. The house points is obviously reducing in a predictable linear pattern (see graph a) a. Which means the ratio of total points to the...
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    I'm worried that Lawson will win

    Isn't he 23? Everyone is an alcoholic at 23. I am still hungover from when I was 23.
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    Who gets the Gillette endorsement ad?

    What a strange thread.
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    Aisha the tiddly one night stander - yuck!

    Holy shit it's just sex, stop taking it so seriously.
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    A CHALLENGE to Prisus Haters

    She has a painfully large ego and considers herself much much more intelligent than she actually is. All she does is hide behind a well maintained vocabulary. But that's not my biggest issue with her - I find her really really boring. Painfully boring. I haven't found anything she has ever said...
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    Who Will Be Evicted?

    Cat is gone. She is going to have a difficult few weeks, I suspect she is going to fulfil her post eviction obligations (interviews, twitter etc) to an absolute minimum and go under the radar as much as possible. BB might even let her break contract and stay out of the spotlight completely.