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    Episode Australian Survivor (2018) - Episode 2 Discussion

    Well that was a fantastic outcome. Oh and I noticed when the guys were doing a nudie run, the tall guy, they blurred him out even from behind when he was walking. He must be well endowed ;)
  2. shadow2

    Masterchef 2018

    Well this sucks.
  3. shadow2

    Masterchef 2018

    Thanks Sticky for the reply. I believe for eliminations they should do a blind tasting, because the judges do favour some over others.
  4. shadow2

    Masterchef 2018

    So much hate for Ben and Chloe
  5. shadow2

    Masterchef 2018

    Jess’s mum a bit of a tiger mum
  6. shadow2

    Masterchef 2018

    Boom boom shake the room, Well Sarah has left! Glad Brendan is back. He reminds me of a young Dr Charlie Teo. Anyhoo, love ready all your comments, you still doing the happy dance Sticky?
  7. shadow2

    My Kitchen Rules

    I doubt the girls will return. Would love to see it unedited. Though they did say some horrible things. Why didn’t the judges intervene earlier? The girls said some awful things. On another note, I have to FF every time they go on about Jazzy being in love with the truffle farmer. It’s pathetic.
  8. shadow2

    Bachelor In Paradise 2018

    Every time I’d see your # team Lenora I have a huge chuckle
  9. shadow2

    General O/T Chit Chat Thead II

    He’s back Jesse...yay! He said he had an awesome time, drank and ate way too much. In less than 25 hours after he arrived my very tidy house looked like a bomb had exploded.
  10. shadow2

    General O/T Chit Chat Thead II

    Oh I read your post before about Billy being sick, and thought Pancreatitis, Rosie has had that, glad he is better. So very happy you are going to be a grandma, such exciting times. And hello everyone. @jessy_girl your boy sounds divine, sounds like he is growing too fast, @timmydownawell your...
  11. shadow2

    >>> Australian Survivor 2017 Tipping Game <<<

    @timmydownawell is no 3 free?
  12. shadow2

    Masterchef 2017

    Oh Tuttle, so sorry to hear this, Hope you are doing ok, Take care
  13. shadow2

    My Dad died on the 1st June

    Condolences Kaz, to you and your family. It is a horrible disease, so difficult for the patient as well as the family. I feel your grief