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    Does BBAU have a problem with POC?

    Agreed. Whilst I don't mind racial diversity, I would still find myself closer and comfortable with people of my own race and ethnicity. Romantically, I even prefer guys of my own race and would look similar to me (Mediterranean in appearance). I am lost and see three guys. One is Irish, one...
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    Does BBAU have a problem with POC?

    Allan was annoying and pathetic, Laura seemed arrogant and passive aggressive, and Soobong was a showoff and a huge threat. Regardless of their race, they would still have been voted out. And Laura was a bit of a racist herself. If a pro white person is racist, then a "pro black feminist" will...
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    A 2012 housemate had his penis fingered... Let's speculate

    ^Bradley seems the insecure type. Must be the 'alpha' male types like Ray, Sam or Josh.
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    2020 Housemate lookalikes

    Talia looks like Emma 07: Sarah looks like Abigail Breslin: Marisa looks like Gretel Killeen:
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    Biggest bullies in history of BB?

    Gee relax, were you one of the 2008 housemates that I chastised? This is an ongoing, timeless thread. There is even the word "history" in it. So it will apply to EVERY BB season. Just saying, man. Sorry if I was harsh on your favourite housemates? I've been here since 2013 and my favourite...
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    THE ANGEL HAS LANDED: An Angelicious Love Thread

    I am a fan. Won't be surprised if they evict her, so it's not up to us this year. :rolleyes:
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    Big Brother 2020 has begun

    I have been slow with Big Brother 2020. I know it will be pre-filmed. Except, who will evict the housemates if we're not going to watch the show as it is currently happening? I'm guessing the housemates will nominate and evict each other as well? Seems very bizarre to me.
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    Big Brother 2020 has finished.

    Good news. I'm just curious to see how a pre-filmed Big Brother will turn out. 🧐
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    Biggest bullies in history of BB?

    She was fiery and short tempered alright, but she had a heart and was at least charming when she was mean. First and foremost, she didn't pick on weak people like Travis, and rather just defended herself from the housemates who had a problem with her. She was forthright and honest, and most of...
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    Least Favourite BB Series

    Still sticking to my opinion here. After rewatching it, 2008 was still a disaster. A travesty. Horrible, boring and unlikable set of housemates (besides a few like Bianca and Alice). Annoying gimmicks. Worst winner and runner-ups - These final 3 actually made this season rather unforgivable and...
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    Biggest bullies in history of BB?

    Out of boredom, I binge-watched BB08 from start to finish. I noticed it had some really nasty bullies and detestable people all round - Something I didn't quite perceive when in 2008 as I was a bit too young and naïve. Nobbi was a sly, deplorable bully. Rory and Ben may have had more heart and...
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    Tim is gay.

    Not that surprised. Although he did say that he is the type who can fall in love with anyone, regardless of their gender, in the daily shows. I remember him flirting with Jade and a couple of other girls. Btw, I wonder who is next to come out. I'm pretty sure that there were a few closeted...
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    Are these our Big Brother 2015 Housemates? ;)

    This was amazing!!! :P
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    Things we want in Big Brother 2015

    Non-celebrity housemates.
  15. Shackles

    Ryan appreciation thread

    They still sell Victoria Bitter? Thought they were goners by 2008?