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  1. SepiaBird

    BB2021 Filming

    I don’t think the new pupil has been fitted yet. If you look at mistercat122’s post you can see the old pupil laying against the wall below:
  2. SepiaBird

    BB2021 Filming

    Looks like we’ll be getting an updated eye/logo this series 👁 I wonder if we’ll be treated to an opening titles and theme song this series?
  3. SepiaBird

    Big Brother 2020: Promos and teasers (contains spoilers)

    Pretty sure every Australian series except for 2003 had a pre-recorded launch 24 hours earlier. 2003 was our only live launch I believe 🤔
  4. SepiaBird

    Big Brother 2020: Housemates

  5. SepiaBird

    Big Brother 2020 has finished.

    New 10 second promo posted to FaceBook & Instagram (nothing new of interest):
  6. SepiaBird

    Big Brother 2020 has begun

    Perhaps this was only a test run (with actors) and the real housemates do go in at a later date. They normally do a weeks test run before every series if I’m not mistaken 🤔
  7. SepiaBird

    Big Brother 2020 production / schedule / format talk

    Posted to Instagram this morning:
  8. SepiaBird


    Loving the new look over on the homepage @Tim !! 🤩 Always greatly appreciate and admire all of the effort you continually put into this site every series to make the experience so enjoyable for all us random strangers 😙
  9. SepiaBird

    Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

    Oh please, god no!! I'd take Alex Mav any day over her 😱
  10. SepiaBird

    Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

    I’m genuinely torn as to whether Mike Goldman should return for this second revival. In all previous series I’ve always defended his position, recognising him as a talent synonymous with the show. However for this next series I’m not so defensive, in fact, I’m more then welcoming of someone new...
  11. SepiaBird

    Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

    Paragraph at the end of TV Blackbox's story on Gretel Killeen hosting BB2020 defending their reporting and sources: At this stage who really knows who or what to believe? We can only hope... 🤞🏻
  12. SepiaBird

    OMG the BBB fam-bam is back together at last!!! 😱🤯😍😭🥳🥰😝

    OMG the BBB fam-bam is back together at last!!! 😱🤯😍😭🥳🥰😝