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    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 11 Discussion (29 June)

    “Darling... I won’t stab you in the back, I’ll stab you in the heart so I make sure you’re dead”. The Best.
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    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 8 Discussion (22 June)

    Came here for the Xavier comments 😂😂 knew they’d be aplenty and didn’t disappoint
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    Big Brother 2021 confirmed (recording late 2020)

    But they haven’t packed it down? There seems to still be some confusion around the house being dismantled after the end of the season. It’s all still there except the external entry.
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    Big Brother 2021 confirmed (recording late 2020)

    The article says that they’ve had to renew the lease of the current location, so it’s very likely that 2021 will be in the same house.
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    Big Brother 2021 confirmed (recording late 2020)

    If the Sunday Telegraph is to be believed, looks like we’ll have an indication of BB 2021 quite soon.... Mod edit: Confirmation via Facebook (28/06/20):
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    2020 Ratings Thread

    Such a shame BB is not on tonight. There is literally no great competition on the other channels - no Voice and no Masterchef.
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    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 6 Discussion (16 June)

    My guess is Angela, Marissa and Kieran...
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    2020 Ratings Thread

    I think it’s hard to compare as viewing habits have changed though?
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    2020 Ratings Thread

    Also, such a shame as was the best episode yet imo
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    2020 Ratings Thread

    Masterchef has evictions on Sunday nights and The Voice was promoting a “cheating scandal” (so dumb). As The Voice ramps up to live performances soon, I can’t see people moving over to BB on a Sunday night either. Agree with the thoughts mentioned - Sunday nights are too competitive and Mon to...
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    Big Brother 2020: Housemates

    Yeah definitely seems like Talia is going to get evicted and then Dan wins a nomination challenge at some point this week to get “revenge”. Could be in for some cracking viewing.
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    Big Brother 2020: House

    house still very much intact, except for exterior facade/eye.
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    2020 Ratings Thread

    https://www.mediaweek.com.au/tv-ratings-june-9-big-brother-has-supercharged-seven/ Looks like 7 will be keen to keep the seasons coming at this rate. But still hoping they’ll bring in some live element and more adult content. Doubtful though - Will likely take the “if it ain’t broke” view.
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    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 3 Discussion (10 June) - Final four housemates enter

    Cheers Danny... I tried doing a google but nothing really coming up except for the announcements back in April...