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    Ben Zabel recovering from overdose - Support for him

    My partner suffers from it, and as a partner to someone who has it, it can get very difficult. I find it very hard to grasp why he feels that way (he cant explain it either), and how to approach it. Do I say I am there if he needs to talk? Do I give him some space? There is no right or wrong...
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    My issue with Penny

    I do wonder though, if after X amount of days that the original housemates have been in there for, if we would still enjoy Penny as much... ????
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    My issue with Penny

    Anyone but Skye for the win I say!
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    Ben Zabel recovering from overdose - Support for him

    That is very sad. Recovery soon Benny......Thanks for the info Estelle. Appreciated.
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    My issue with Penny

    Back to the topic at hand..... I know Penny's cousins, and they are totally annoyed that BB has portrayed her in that way. Yes, that is her, crazy etc. but she also has a normal side which they say has never been shown on the show.
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    Penny's people magazine shoot.

    Still waiting....
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    The Bird is the word!

    They seriously have done nothing since they came in.....Boring as batshit.
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    The Bird is the word!

    I watched that episode with my 8 year old daughter, and naturally she asked what a period was....It was then that we had a little chat and I explained it to her the best way I could (for her age), and was happy that it was aired too...for that reason. So thank you Penny, and thank you Chanel 9.
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    Episode rundown for this week (day 64 onwards)

    Like when Skye cried when she saw her family on the DVD player that David smashed. Her face was priceless when he killed it with his hammer!!
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    Penny vs Skye

    And......Penny in the bath - Priceless!!
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    Penny vs Skye

    So sick of Skye looking at herself in the mirrors all the time. Drives me freakin nuts! So vain. And playing with her fringe...grrrr
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    Is Cherylyn Barnes Going Into The BB House

    WTF? Who on earth is this person? A member on here? Some sort of BB stalker? Thats pretty f#[email protected]%^ up.
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    Sex in the house?

    I agree....we are reading into it all a little too much, but like someone said - BB this year hasn't exactly been "reality tv" if we are missing so much air time, so we come up with all these things.....Keeps us all talking though I guess. :)
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    Penny in the ice bath

    All good. :)
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    There's a Snake In The House?

    LOL, this is confusing....Have we missed something because i dont know about any puppet task either?