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    Hypothetical question...

    Fear not these feckless naysayers, o fair @hey14 I have complete edited footage of each and every single housemate that there ever done was (2001-14). Format: mp4. Bidding starts at 1 gazillion dollars per housemate (I would offer ONO, but let's face it, I am too much of a bastard). Blu-Ray...
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    Post BB Housemate Antics - Part 3

    Well folks, that time has finally come around again; that time that we loathe but you love... That's right, it's your chance to vote for the inaugural post-2014 'BB Biggest Dickhead' Award. This year's nominees include: * Jake * Leo * Sam * Special honorary wankerish mention: Priya In a...
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    'I love animals, that's why I like to kill 'em.'
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    Yeah, totally loved all those tracks! I was also a big fan of Nine Below Zero's 'Eleven Plus Eleven' and Dexys Midnight Runners' cover of 'Jackie Wilson Said.' :singing: :headphone: :thumbsup:
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    Fetch... the comfy chair! Now, Khun Khun, you will sit in this chair until lunchtime, with nothing but a cup of coffee at 11! But next, we will be poke you with the soft cushions! Confess!! Oh, bugger...
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    Kinda right there with you Khun Khun; if you take the very best of Monty Python vs. the very best of The Young Ones, I'd pick Python for sure. But when Young Ones did only 12 episodes in total, while Python did 45 episodes (which were pretty hit and miss), I find it a bit hard to pick a...
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    Tina Arena Appreciation Thread

    Little known facts about Tina Arena: - In a effort to replicate John Farnham's smash hit 'Sadie, The Cleaning Lady,' she wrote a follow-up: 'Tina, The Window Cleaner.' The song thus far remains unreleased. - She hold the Guinness World Record for 'Most Melodic Farts Ever' (as of 2013). -...
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    I fucking love this show. I grew up with it; from about 1985 to now I must have watched both series at least once a year. It's funny how my opinions have changed over time; as a kid I didn't like Mike at all and loved Neil, but now Neil's my least favourite character and I love Mike, 'the cool...
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    What Colour Hair Do You Have?

    I have reddish hair. I would describe it as "Electric Copper" or "Crimson Rust." My pubic hair recently turned bright green. I think I should probably see a doctor.
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    So... what's your point?
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    The housemate that will benefit most from 2014 in the long run

    Jesus, in the history of Big Brother AU, who have been the most successful housemates? Blair? Chrissie? Fitzy? Tim D? Hotdogs...? 10, 20, 30 years from now? I suspect that in far less than 5 years from now, 2014's housemates will mean less to the Australian public than a mosquito's fart...
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    I hate the like feature!

    I've been a bit paranoid when a member has posted 3 or 4 posts on one page and I've just 'liked' one post; as if "well, I liked that post, but I don't like the other ones." Which is not the case at all, I've just particularly agreed with that one post or found it funny. I also struggle when I...
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    Post BB Housemate Antics - Part 3

    Oh Priya, you funny bunny, that was so uproariously hilarious you could almost be a stand-up comedian. Almost. Hmm, actually, probably best to stick to your day job... Maybe you should be a bit more concerned with the excess space between your ears? :thumbsdown: :vomit:
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    When will they change the 'EYE'

    Maybe they could change it to the eye of a penis? Or a chocolate starfish brown eye?
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    Oh, I also hate posters who swear too much. Cunts.