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    I think for the final eviction they owe it to the voting public. Pretty poor if you ask me.
  2. restingbitchface

    Is this what you expected Big Brother to look like?

    I never thought BB would be an overly dark and handsome man. Instead, I imagined a bald man in his mid to early 40's with a slightly chunky build. This isn't exactly what I had in mind, but something along the lines of his guy:
  3. restingbitchface

    What are you happiest to never hear/see again?

    Oh god, that made my morning. :hilarious: Thank you! edit: ah crap, sorry! Didn't mean to double post, ugh brain.
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    What are you happiest to never hear/see again?

    I would be most pleased if I didn't see Ryan's smug, conceited, arrogant face again. Do not have time for his "too cool for school" demeanour.
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    Oh Boy, What a week.

    How frustrated you must feel Luke. :( I'm sure nobody blames you, it wasn't your fault. Thank you for all the footage you provide us with, a lot of us really appreciate the effort you make.
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    Post all after party gossip / pics / captions in here!

    I like Priya, not trying to say anything against her personally... but dear god, those sunglasses. Everyone goes on about Jake trying too hard. Priya is trying too hard to pull them off, the shape isn't flattering on her face at all.
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    Least Favourite BB Series

    Loved that season! I remember thinking that she was the prettiest thing back then.
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    Game Word Association

    you say flesh I say blood
  9. restingbitchface

    Game Most Likely To ______

    Leo. Most likely to live in a retirement home first?
  10. restingbitchface

    Whats the most embarrassing thing you've done...

    That poor girl, I feel the churns in my stomach merely thinking about it happening to someone else. It doesn't bother me since I don't have a whole lot of shame but I know for others that they would be scarred for life. The main reason I left that school was because I was being bullied, the...
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    How many votes do you think are cast each eviction? Per HM on average?

    I've always wondered about this. I also am curious to know how much Priya's husband has paid in votes. I would imagine he wasted a lot of money :(
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    Whats the most embarrassing thing you've done...

    Yeah, it sounds like I just sit here make this shit up right? That happened when I was 14 and wasn't quite used to how periods worked yet. fml. You're not missing out on those eggs, periods are the bane of my existence. :laugh:
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    Poll: Preferred finishing order

    I wish Big Brother would jump out of the bushes at the end and scream "Surprise! You were all shit, nobody deserves to win." Then the audience would applaud and nominate the dogs to win. That would be a great end to this flaccid season.
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    Whats the most embarrassing thing you've done...

    I was on the beach in thailand enjoying my new white swimming costume - the kind you wear for fashion and avoid swimming in unless it's a quick dip in the water. Walking on the beach with my mother and brother. We were admiring the sunset and then my brother burst out laughing (which attracted...
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    Whats the most embarrassing thing you've done...

    My ex didn't care but my current won't go near a drop of vajayjay blood if it could potentially save his life.