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  • Thanks for asking me!

    Got a dilemma on my hands now cos I give $10 back to the first housemate evicted and I don't know whether to pay up for Rima or Terri!

    I don't know about the friends thing either! Showed the daughter this arvo and squealed, "look people want to be my friends!" She squealed," I've got 130 friends on facebook". I squealed back."I'm talking about me now!" :D

    She thought it was hilarious that I now had 'friends' on my forum thingy! Laughed harder when I couldn't understand what it meant!
    HI RHM!
    Thanks for being my friend!.
    This is pretty cool huh..but no idea what it all means ! LOL
    Love your pic of the cardboard housemates. Hope the party was great.
    What happens to rima's cutout!?!?
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