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    Episode DAY 57 (Mon 23/09/2013) Live Eviction #7 (95m)

    About bloody time they got it right! See you later Tully! Big Brother will be so much more enjoyable to watch now :)
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    Episode Day 43 (Mon 9/09/13): Eviction #5

    Jesus Christ I cannot hack another week of Tully in there! Fuck get it right Australia!
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    Episode Day 43 (Mon 9/09/13): Eviction #5

    OMFG Tully get over yourself you fucking bitch!!!
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    Episode Day 37 (3rd Sep 13) Nominations #5

    Yay Tully is up and hopefully Australia will not save her........after the last couple of days surely not!
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    Episode Day 22 - DOUBLE EVICTION SHOW - Monday 19 August 2

    How the hell did Tully not go tonight????????????????
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    Episode Day 16: Daily show + nominations #2

    Baahaaa Love that one Tim! LMFAO :) He will go a long way in the game......
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    Episode Day 4 - Daily Show (90m Special)

    Holy shit Matthew!!!!!!:p Wear the red jocks all the time PLEASE!
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    Happy about Ben

    Congratulations Ben! You kept us entertained the whole season! He was always himself and that is what the public wanted. WINNER!!! (Imagine in Ben's shimmy voice :D )
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    The I love ben thread

    I absolutely love Ben too. So agree with everybody else here too he makes the show! It would be so boring without him in there. I really hope he does win as he deserves it :D
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    The I love ben thread

    I love Ben too. He adds alot of spark to the house and makes things interesting instead of having a boring house where people just want to sit around and sleep all day. Would love to see him win!
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    Last movie you saw

    Just watched "Juno" yesterday and it was really good movie. Would give it an 8/10.